PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22

The government have no right to condemn a scheme after their shitshow!

Anyway, the Premier League will just counter that if some fans were allowed in stadiums they wouldn’t need to do this in the first place.


What’s worse for the networks and PL? Going ppv and losing money in favour of illegal streams? Or having reasonable prices that fans could pay?

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Greed pure and simple.

I’ve said that I’d happily pay £15 per month to be able to watch all Arsenal games.

But £5-15 per game is absolutely ridiculous and they can get fucked. Streams it is.

I’m just waiting for the day Amazon gets bored of this and just buys the rights to all the games and I get them in my Prime membership lol

All praise be to Amazon


just for balance, Fuck amazon.

Not that I don’t give them my money but I always begrudge it a little.



You probably wouldn’t get them in the current £80 a year deal though. They’d up the price considerably or tag it on as an extra like Hulu.

Shit tax breaks for one.

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Yeah probably, but it depends.

They might be happy enough to have it as a sort of loss leader if it means the millions of random UK football fans that don’t have prime decide to sign up just for the football.

I only have Prime because my girlfriend does, but I would 100% buy Prime just for the football and then get sucked into all the other stuff that comes with it.

Or they’ll whack it on as an addition like Hulu or HayU but even then I don’t think they’d charge over the odds for it.

@shamrockgooner Agreed. I only use Amazon to buy stuff I can’t get easily or conveniently in my local shops.

Imagine charging £15 to watch the worst two teams in the league on TV.

I’d like to see the PPV viewing figures, but I doubt the Premier League will want to make it public that only 7 people ordered Sheffield United v Fulham.

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Oh what a surprise


What would you consider a reasonable PPV price? I think 14.99 is too much but if it were 4.99 or 2.99 I think loads more people would pay for games instead of using illegal streams.

The problem is when a top 6 side gets a game it’s a deal breaker.
Deeper we go in the season and the lack of things too do people will dabble with it. Sowing the seed is the aim now. Football fans want their fix.Those that want more will pay.
Like the rest of the game since Sky came along people pay for what they can afford.

I think if and when PL tv comes to pass 200 to 250 quid for a “season ticket” to watch all your teams games is going to be the price. So 5-7 quid a game which gives them somewhere to go in terms of upping the price a couple years down the line. I think you get about 40% of the illeagal streamers in at that price and anything more makes people think, nah fuck it.

Then you add in packages for all games etc which most aren’t going to be interested in.


This pretty much works out at £21 a month. Are they actually making much more money if people only buy their teams games? Unless maybe the big teams get more buys and the small teams get less buys.

I sort of think the average football fan is being pushed to their limits as it is before PPV.

Do you think so? Aren’t most people football fans as well as simply fans of their own team?

I don’t like the whole concept of TV season tickets for your own team anyway. I guess it’s fine for those who only watch football and only watch their team/league. But I watch lots of different leagues and lots of different sports. Paying for Sky sports/BT Sport and then paying another sub just for Arsenal? That’s a lot of money.

I wonder if you could “divide” up the cost of a ticket for actually going to a game how much would you attribute to the viewing of the match alone without considering other price factors like match category or seating?

Yeah can see that being a thing going forward category grading games.

In theory, yes. But if its much cheaper to just follow your own team that’s what the majority will do I reckon. Or maybe I’m just biased and projecting what I’d do.

I think it’s finding the time mostly.