PL title race 22/23

8 points clear. Awesome place to be.
GD gap reduced by 5 in 2 games

21 points needed of remaining 30 to win League.

A Liverpool win at the Etihad with an Arsenal win at home to Leeds and it’s over.


Lol, no, it’s not over it’s over.

Am I doing it right @Jesseviolin?

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A lot of points up and down ahead. I am very keen on our next away win. That would go a long way in easing stress.

Arsenal need to get a draw at Etihad and they should be fine imo.

Shouldn’t let City Beat them


We equal our points tally from last season on 69 points with 10 freaking games to go. We could probably loose our remaining 10 games and still get top 4.

26 is what guarantees it right now, but yes I don’t think we will need to get to that mark. I suspect 90 will do it too, especially if we can avoid defeat at city.


Si Signore

We can secure it with 24 if we draw with City.

I think… :grimacing:

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Worth noting we play once a week for our next 4 games as well.

If we can clear those with 10 points I’m not even sure the city game will matter that much.

Weirdly West Ham away worries me more than the scousers.

If we win all our remaining games we definitely qualify for top 4


I’ve just had a look at the league table and mathematically that’s correct. :grinning:


lets beat Leeds at home after the international break, hope Liverpool beat City and then we have a lovely 11 point gap going away to Anfield


Fucking hell man, 10 games to go and we’re 8 points clear. Imagine telling this to someone last year.

I cheekily thought about it before but thought it would simply be too soon. To think most of these players are just getting started. Good times to be a gooner.


City has dropped at least six points during the last 10 matches every season since 18-19 (when they had that insane run in and pipped Liverpool).

I think if they drop six in their last 11, so a maximum of 88 points, we will get over the line.

One major factor is that Pep has actually really worked some of his core players like KDB and Rodri harder this year when compared to the past. They have had issues the last few years with key players running out of gas at the end of the season (Pep didn’t even play Rodri in the CL final because he was in such shit form). But look at this:

Rodri total minutes last three years: 3928, 3990, 3679.
So far in 22-23: 3259

KDB total minutes last three years: 3338, 3043, 3826.
So far in 22-23: 2762

Haaland total minutes last three years: 2388, 3540, 2751
So far in 22-23: 2871

Depending on how far City progress in the cups, there will be from 1260-1620 more minutes to play in the season (not accounting for any extra time). Even at the low end of that range all three would end up with a workload much higher than they’ve had in years unless Pep rotates them in some league matches. He’ll surely do it in the FA Cup semifinal but that won’t be enough by itself. This is also happening in a World Cup year with a longer than usual season.

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Haaland pulls out of international duty injured. Why aren’t we doing this with our players?



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Came here to post exactly this. I don’t believe that he actually has a groin problem. Smells like Pep being cheeky. Haaland is being sent back to City while our stars are gonna have 2 busy weeks.