PL Relegation Battle 2017/18


Just three more games… :pray:

Their remaining fixtures

Are we finally getting rid of these cunts?

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Although im pleased with the 3 down there, its been an a real anti climax this year. It looked like being a real shit fest. Feel a bit cheated tbh.


Yep. They are Gonzo.


That Swansea game is making me nervous sham Palace at home is very winnable aswell :tired_face:

They can’t great escape this can they?


Swansea, Southampton… wouldn’t like to see either go down. :neutral_face:


After the money saints have made, I can have no sympathy tbh.


Just lose against Liverpool and they are gone.


Yeah they have well and truly fucked it this season.

Anyone with 5 wins coming to the end of April deserves to get relegated.

@Luca_from_Italy how so?


I meant basically gone.


The “baaaaaad” feeling I had about Palace has about dissipated now. The bottom three is pretty much set in stone, methinks.


I don’t know about that, Swansea and Stoke have a h2h.


Swansea have to play Southampton too – Southampton have a better chance of getting out of it than Stoke IMO, they’ve played a game less than them


Southampton, in recent seasons, have sold around 300m worth of players, including, Chamberlain 12m, Chambers 16m, Lovren 20m, Lallana 25m, Shaw 27m, Schneiderlin 25m, Clyne 12m, Mane 34m, Wanyama 12m, VVD 75m, Rodriguez 12m and several others.

I wonder why they are in the relegation places.
I like Southampton but I can’t stand Hughes, so if they go down I’m not that bothered.

I still think Huddersfield could go down, and we are playing them on the last day of the season, so we might be the club that do it.


Have you ever seen a bag of money score a goal? If you sell your best players and don’t invest the money, then this is what happens.

Having said that, I don’t think they’re the third worse team in the league. They have some good players in Tadic, Boufal, Ward-Prowse, Lemina etc. Players who should have been able to get more wins on the board than they have. Part of the problem was the manager. IMO, If they’d brought Hughes in earlier, they’d be out of the relegation zone


That has been their problem.
Selling all the best players every season and replacing the with inadequate replacements.
Although VVD was a pretty good signing for them, especially with the profit they made on him.

I’m not sure Hughes would have made any difference.
He managed to get Stoke in the relegation places, and he has nothing at Southampton to suggest he won’t do the same there.

Considering his less than average record as a PL manager, it’s amazing how he keeps getting jobs with these clubs.


Yeah, but I don’t think a bad run of games necessarily makes you a bad boss. Not that Hughes is a top class manager but he’s good enough for that level.

He also knows the Saints, having played for them. And he’s always struck me as someone who has faith in his own ability. Also, Southampton were so stale under Pellegrino — Hughes couldn’t have done any worse. the managerial change needed to happen earlier – even if you don’t necessarily think it should have been Hughes.


Stoke fans will be using them arguments about Hughes though surely.


I’m always a bit sceptical of the “he knows the club” line, but particularly so in this case as he played for them in the late 90s. Twenty years on, I can’t really see how him once having played for them offers any advantage whatsoever.


Yeah, you never know in any season really. Good job I’m not a betting man.:slight_smile:


I more meant he’d have a bigger vested interest in them, he has the fans on side etc. Having that history – even if it was 20 years ago – certainly won’t hurt anyway.