PL Relegation Battle 2017/18

Incredible relegation battle with 11 games left and from 10th downwards anyone can go down!

What’s your predictions?

  • Bournemouth
  • Watford
  • West Ham
  • Swansea
  • Newcastle
  • Crystal Palace
  • Brighton
  • Southampton
  • Huddersfield
  • Stoke
  • West Brom

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Arsenal @Luca_from_Italy

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Just had a look at some of the fixtures. Stoke’s last 2 games are against fellow strugglers Palace and Swansea. Could be interesting if nothing is decided by then.

Huddersfield’s last 4 games are Chelsea, Everton, Man City and Arsenal. They defo need more points on the board before then!

I’d like to see the back of Southampton and Stoke. Boring red and white stripey teams and always get a result v us

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West Brom have good fixtures but the most distance to make up and just lost the gamble they took on Sturridge.

Huddersfield probably have the weakest squad and 4 tough games to finish if they aren’t well out of it by then. Would still back them to beat Arsenal tho :smile:

Southampton for some reason have loads more away games to play and that could be important so they’re my picks.

I think West Brom made the wrong decision getting in Pardew.
They would have been better off sticking with Pulis.

Pardew was a typical choice of a board who have no ambition and no clue what they are doing.
He is in the same mould as several managers who circulate around the leagues, like Hughes, Pulis, Allardyce, McClaren Lambert, Warnock, Bruce, winning nothing, playing boring football and still getting more jobs.
West Brom are bottom of the PL through lack of investment and lack of imagination.

I thought before the start of the season Huddersfield would go down,and I still think they will, but I didn’t expect to see Stoke and Southampton near the bottom.

As much as I like Newcastle as a club, I hope they get relegated because I rate Ashley right up there with Kroenke as one of the biggest self serving parasites in football.

Stoke going down would be good as well.

I actually think that is a favourable run-in to the end of the season. I think it is much better to play the top clubs who have already retired from the season instead of fellow survivors. Arsenal and City will have nothing to play for when they face them and Everton are simply meh. Chelsea is the only game where they might face a motivated squad and together with Everton the only side that will field their first team out of the 4. I’m tipping Huddersfield to stay.

I think WBA are as good as gone. The rest however is a bit of a Russian roulette. Southampton are a bit of a mystery to me, only 5 wins, terrible home form, haven’t won at St Mary’s since November and have only won once since then in total. I think they can be the surprise losers. Unless they start getting points at home they are gone imo.

Swansea completes my list of 3 to go down. They were bottom at Christmas and peaked too early. I doubt they will keep it up until the end and since they are only one point above relegation after their peak, I can easily see them getting the least points compared to their competition to go above the relegation line.

  1. Southampton
  2. Swansea
  3. WBA

As long as no London clubs go down I’m sweet

You mean, apart from spurs? :wink:

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Yeah all good points. But then by that logic, do you think Huddersfield will struggle in their games before that? Against teams who are also battling for survival? They have West Brom, Palace and Swansea coming up. They also have Spurs in a couple of weeks who are looking really solid at home.

I just look at that Huddersfield side and it doesn’t excite me, I don’t see enough there to convince me they’ll stay up.

Whereas, in my opinion, Southampton are in a false position. I don’t think their squad is the 18th worst in the league.

If West Brom go down, I wonder if Gibbs had a clause in his contract to say, if they were relegated he could go to another club.

Gibbs should be able to secure a sideways move to a Watford or Palace, assuming they stay up

Jonny Evans has one, so it wouldn’t surprise me

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It’s hard to predict. As unexciting as Huddersfield look, they have more points than Southampton and I really need more convincing from the Saints that they can change the course of their season than from Huddersfield.
I consider the last 5-6 games of the season the make or break for relegation clubs and looking at Huddersfield’s fixture list, I think they have a good chance of pulling it off.

Southampton are often major favourites at home but have failed to win against teams like Brighton, Huddersfield and Swansea whilst losing to teams like Crystal Palace, Burnley and Watford; their away form isn’t much brighter either. They are a team that averages 30 points or more per season at home but only have accrued 15 points so far with only 4 home games left. Their home form has obviously let them down this season and I don’t think they can miraculously produce enough to get out of the situation they have put themselves in.

Looking at the table once more, Crystal Palace also should not be not considered prime suspects for relegation.

So with each place you slip down the table, the more likely you are to get relegated. What a useful infographic!


Am I missing something? Huddersfield are above Southampton, Brighton are not 16th, etc.

That graphic is a load of bobbins, no doubt a fortnight ago it would’ve had Swansea at 80%+ or the like

Id say the manager is 18th best though and that squads poor considering the money its had over the years. Oh and Shane Long never scores.

I’m sure someones going to win a bet as they had predicted i’d make this post but this image fucks me off. 80% based on what? If you’re going to throw things like this around then show your workings please!