PL Relegation Battle 2017/18


Haha I haven’t made a list of all the managers and ranked them to be honest :grin: but yeah Pellegrino is quite underwhelming.

They have scored more goals than the teams around them though. I think experience will win out in the end and they’ll pull themselves out of the hole.

Also, their next 5 league games are Burnley, Stoke, Newcastle, Swansea and West Ham. Southampton will surely feel like they could get points from all of those.


Some of our supporters would deserve relegation, tbh. I am against Wenger, but sometimes someone just goes over the top.


3 teams who always give everything against us. Good riddance cunts.


As long as Stoke go down I will be happy as a pig in shit, really hope Palace stay up also.


It’s that time of year boys and girls. Who’s for the drop?


Well wba are down unless they do a Sunderland

Followed by stoke.

Not sure on last one but between West Ham,Southampton,huddlesfield,

Think palace,toon, Brighton,Swansea have enough about them to avoid relegation


There was a thread about this made a couple of months ago.

I said West Brom, Stoke and Huddersfield then. And i’m still sticking by that.

West Brom are obviously already gone. Stoke are starting to fall adrift. And Huddersfield often struggle with an important component of football – the scoring goals part. Plus a few of the teams around them both have a game in hand.


WBA for sure, then i hope bloody Stoke and Southampton, our bogey teams.


Merged it with the existing thread.


Cheers, Blink. Should’ve searched this.


Stoke should get relegated twice for good measure!!


Want: WBA, Stoke, West ‘aaaaaam

Expect: WBA, Stoke, Huddersfield


Had WBA, Stoke and Huddersfield.


To think we’ve generously given points to all of these (bar Palace and Huddersfield- who we still have a 2nd time, mind you)

Underlines the sh*t season we’re having


West Ham please, just for the meltdown and 1980.


If Huddersfield need the points on the last day of the season I’ll be behind them. A good fixture to have as well, home to Arsenal, albeit our form is heading north again. We’ll probably relegate them


Depends who the other team in the firing line is. If it’s Stoke, then i’m all for recreating 1982’s West Germany v Austria match :laughing:


Tenuous family links to Huddersfield, so I’d prefer them to stay up.
For me: WBA, Stoke, Palace (just got a baaaaaad feeling about them).


West Brom deserve to go down because they lack any imagination in their choice of managers, and replaced Pulis with Pardew.
Stoke deserve to go down for the same reasons, with Pulis and Hughes, as well as having a neanderthal following.

I think Huddersfield will go down as well, but they have done a great job to get in the PL and have played good football with a limited squad.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Newcastle go down and watch Ashley squirm and then have to sell the club on the cheap, but I think they will probably be ok.


Why Palace? They deserve to stay up after a nightmare start to the season.


Come on, Luca. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what your results get you. CP better hope that Zaha doesn’t get injured or swayed by some of the talk around him. Can’t rely on that fucking donkey Benteke.