PL Relegation Battle 2017/18


I’d hope that a manager would be invested in the task at hand regardless, but you could be right, I guess it could provide an extra little bit of motivation. Agreed that it won’t be harmful in any way


I will take so much pleasure from Stoke being relegated.

I still fondly recall that Tuesday Club podcast from years ago where Keith Dover said that Stoke fans “boo the sick”.

“That guys got a broken arm over there… BOO! BOOOOOO! Get out of Stoke we don’t want you 'ere.”

Had me in fucking stitches. Yeah, so these cunts can get fucked.


I fucking loved that podcast


they just dun a wenger one if anyone missed it


Yeah I listened to this the other day. They just waffle on :grin: I still enjoy it, but it does seem like one of those “you only sing when you’re winning” kind of things. They only release a new podcast when something big happens :roll_eyes:


So two away draws vs City and Chelsea saw them escape relegation.

Called it :sunglasses:

The Premier League can only take one Welsh club at a time.


Swansea are basically done. Would have preferred Southampton to go down.


Only 1 person correctly predicted the three teams to go down


I wouldn’t mind if Southampton dropped. That’s what you deserve when you hire Mark Hughes. And they’re offering him a new three-deal? Fucking crazy.