Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


Don’t think there is as much difference between Auba and Laca as you do. Yes, Auba the better striker, but not sure by a significant margin. If the idea was to upgrade at CF by a minor margin that’s fine but we should’ve found a sale for Lacazette near the price we paid for him. But we know that’s clearly not the idea. So let’s hope Auba in Theo role works.


Laca either improves or the club should show him the exit door.

Auba is a top class striker, the better of the 2 and there is no reason to play him out of position to accomodate an underperfomer.


Maybe, but that doesn’t seem to be the plan from Wenger, and if it were there’s no excuse for not selling Lacazette or including him in this deal with Auba, as his value would only plummet as a back-up to Auba.

Even if it were the plan, I get the feeling people would be a bit disappointed if they think that switching Auba in for Laca is going to make a major difference. Think we’d be looking at slight improvements at best there.


After last nights showing, no amount of madness can get me excited now


Again. If Giroud leaves and we sell Welbeck in the summer, we have Aubameyang, Lacazette and Iwobi as forwards in the summer. Even if this move is utmost short-termism we have plenty of room to work on the future.


I am trying my best :ozil2:


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Not the first time of late. Looks like Arsene’s taken over our PR now.


Dreaming if you think Auba isn’t playing the poacher role he has been so succcesful in.

Don’t believe in selling Laca, but like most top clubs, he should get dropped for Auba until he shows form coming off the bench.

Swansea game really showed Wilshere’s influence on our side.


It’s happening.

Expect an announcement soon


Just heard the video leak on talksport whilst I’m working. Yeah baby!!! Oh, and fair play to the genius talksport person who came up with the title “Arsenal drop Aubameyanger clanger”


Pretty sure the leak was purposely done given the shit show last night


Agreed. Dont underestimate our PR team. One of the best around.


The thought occurred to me but I genuinely don’t think the club as a whole cares in the slightest what anyone thinks. If they did they wouldn’t humiliate us week in week out.

That said, it would be very Arsenal-esque to attempt to eek out a small victory by a public display of ineptitude. Well played if that’s the case I suppose.

This fucking club.


Yeah I think it was ‘accidentally on purpose’ too. It’s not humiliating to reveal a deal early that all sensible people know is 99% going to happen. It is humiliating to have to witness Arsenal play away from home under Big Weng in 2018, so social media is perfect for distracting the masses from what was another awful showing


Arsenal have also removed their big latest news header banner on their website.



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I agree.
It’s a great tactic, but it only works when we have something good going on in the transfer window.
What’s the club going to do when it’s closed and we continue with performances like this?


Soon means late at Arsenal :wink: