Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)

Yup, this guy fucks…single-handedly makes up for Alexis loss.

Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang is a professional footballer who plays for German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the Gabonese national team.
Born: 18 June 1989 (age 28), Laval, France
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: Spanish, Gabonese, French
Current teams: Borussia Dortmund (#17 / Forward), Gabon national football team (Forward)

Google it if you need to see the delicious sauces.

This transfer will go all the way to deadline day, won’t it?

We should really just buy first for once.

I think he’d be a decent replacement for Alexis in terms of goals but I have some reservations about the signing as a whole.

His disciplinary problems are a massive concern for me personally. There’s a steady record of issues and misconduct with the end result dortmund suspending him. There doesn’t really seem to be a reason for his bad behaviour other than himself, that should be troubling. If he’s pulling this nonsense at dortmund why not at Arsenal?

What does this mean for Lacazette? Not how how he’d feel shifting to the left and putting in extra work on the wing and getting less goalscoring chances. I think he’ll see moving to any other position other than CF as a regression.

For all the people who think he’d be great I do have to question why Dortmund are so willing to let their main goalscorer leave in Jan with 3 years left on his contract. Should be slightly alarming they’re willing to cut their losses and go for something else.

The lack of interest amongst top clubs in him is telling too, there’s only been links with AC Milan and Chinese clubs, can’t help but think that’s symbolic of a striker on his way down and looking for a club stupid enough to pay him. It’s clear trophies isn’t his main motivation and it’s not like he’d have any extra incentive to perform for Arsenal with a big contract.

Should we really be spending big money and giving this guy massive contract?Seems like a panic buy in light of the Alexis situation.

I think the better way to go is to bring in Malcom and Mick especially if we don’t get scammed by raiola on wages, We’d have a more functional forward line whose first impulse is creativity which should help Laca with more chances and we save money for the summer.

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Never going to happen.


If we buy him, we can perhaps flog him to China for 100m later. Perhaps.

Who so you suggest we buy to solve our lack of goals issue in the summer then ?

But why? The sources have been pretty significant.

I’m fine with those rebel type players. They add flair.

We can’t really be any worse. Whilst seemingly a twat, he’s driven and undeniably world class.

Edit: I’m a serial pessimist when it comes to transfers, this one has me going.

I definitely agree with part of your sentiments. But what I’ll throw back at you is we simply need the depth and immediate injection of quality right now.

If you look at our rivals, we’ve got Chelsea who have Hazard, Morata, Pedro, Willian and Batshuayi. And they’re still looking to add Sanchez (rumoured) and Carroll (Conte has always liked the old school striker as a different point of attack when the game is stagnant).

City have Jesus, Aguero, Silva (x2), KDB, Sane, Sterling and they’re still looking to add Sanchez (well they were… and my gut tells me still will).

I guess you catch my drift by this point. We’re literally on Laca, Ozil, Giroud, Iwobi and Welbeck. We desperately need an injection of immediate quality to at the very least bring some impact to proceedings. This current Wenger team lacks any cohesion and seems to rely solely on moments of individual brilliance and in Aubameyang we could have someone who is capable of individual brilliance.

He’s an upgrade on all our attacking talent bar Ozil at this point. And if we sign him, plus a Malcom we’re at the very least stronger than we were when we hadn’t Theo and a disinterested Sanchez.

Just one more thing, I’m not suggesting we’re capable of stockpiling talent to the extent of some of our immediate rivals but we can certainly afford to have more quality and depth across the pitch.


It would be supreme banter if City couldn’t agree a deal with us for £30m but then go and spend £55m on Aubameyang to fuck us.

I agree.
Two quality attacking players that want to be here are a lot better than Sanchez, who clearly doesn’t, and Walcott who isn’t good enough.

Aubameyang was my first choice striker for us to buy a couple of seasons ago because he was a stand out player in that excellent Dortmund team.
As for Malcom I don’t know much about him but it will probably take him longer to adjust to the PL.

If we get these two, and Mkhitayran, who was also a great player in that Dortmund team, it might even persuade Ozil that we are, at last, not just a selling club and that it is worth staying here.

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Get him done as soon as possible. Don’t wait to sell Alexis.

They already have Aguero and Jesus.

Can’t wait till we get him and Wenger plays him on the wing :arteta:

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Gonna go full muppet for a bit

Horn - Carvajal, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac - Wilshere, Lemar, Ozil - Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

It is still unbalanced but do it.

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Holding Mustafi Chambers

Bellerin Wilshere AMN Özil Kolasinac

Lacazette Auba

For me

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Not trying to be a negative Nancy when you are going full muppet, but we might have to be prepared to get out of our full back shopping comfort zone just ever so slightly in order to pay his new £310m clause :grin:

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Bellerin - Mustafi - Koscielny - Kolasinac

Ramsey - AMN - Wilshere


Lacazette - Aubameyang

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Real Madrid could make a last-ditch move to snatch Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from under Arsenal’s noses, according to Don Balon.

The Gunners are in talk to sign Aubameyang but Real could enter the market at the last minute, with president Florentino Perez keen solve the club’s goalscoring problems.

Can we compete with Real Madrid?