Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


Way quicker than I expected to be writing this but:

Please don’t leave us Auba




No madness :santi:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: can’t breathe


“Oh for fu…”




He’d have turned his phone off and eaten the SIM card by then


he’s thumbing a lift to heathrow airport as we speak.



What he adds is a certain entertainment value and he creates excitement around Arsenal again. I/We know Arsenal is going to do fuck all.



Just get this done so we have a reason to carry on watching this season.


I’ve heard that Aubameyang has a bit of a bad boy reputation :smirk:


Yours have become stale after so many uses. You need to come up with better/newer ones.


Anddddddd…international break.



Well confirmation from Wenger here that it’s done.

Btw did Dortmund get their replacement yet?? :grin:


Careful, this is a pre-record for the announcement when it can be made. Shown in error it would seem. Dortmund may go nuts with Arsenal if they’ve not secured a striker yet.


That vid pretty much wraps it up

Expecting official confirmation later


Still kinda unsure what this signing accomplishes… if it really is the difference between Özil re-signing or not fair enough but like @sevchenko said in the Wenger thread:

Now we’re left having spent £110m worth on strikers of age 26 and 28. Really not sure how we can accommodate them both. Let’s pray the Theo position works for 28 yr old poacher Aubameyang because if not we’ve basically just paid £60m to convince Özil (if true that he’s re-signing).


Nah let’s just put Laca on the bench ( concede it was a horrid signing) play Auba in the position he’s top 10 in the world in.