Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


I get your point, i don’t share your views but i understand what you mean.

If Auba and Laca ain’t good enough in your opinion, who would you realistically bring that can set the league on fire, that can make an impact right away.

Would be nice to have messi, suarez, kane or lewandowski but those are not realistic targets , the rest are promising youngster but not the end product as of today.

The team is trying with 2 of best strikers that are/were available. One of the best in the french league and the second best of the bundesliga, both in their prime.

It could or could not work out just like almost anything in life but at least we are trying.

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👋 Pierre-Emerick #Aubameyang wechselt vom BVB zum FC @Arsenal!

Alle Infos: https://t.co/zxGMwUOUty pic.twitter.com/pkkfDVLPvj

— Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) 31 januari 2018

Dortmund made it official!



There’s no such thing. You can’t have one guy come in and completely transform a team that can’t play ball into a team that creates chances for fun.



Ok, now we can move it @Bl1nk

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