Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


It’s a poker match. Who blinks first? Tick tock.


Can’t believe this shit is still up in the air. Am all prepared for this not to go through cause that’s what you need to do when you are an Arsenal supporter, be ready for the worst. If this transfer does go through, I really hope this guy is worth all this trouble and by that I mean, we are able to get the best out of him, in spite of Arsene.:santi2:


Auba is done regardless



First time checking OA since 9am and still nothing announced :cry:


Right, who wants to go to Heathrow to see if his flights lands there? Any volunteers?

People on Twitter have done some investigating re. flight time – if they’re right, he’ll be landing at 3.05pm :laughing:


I’ll meet you there


But wait… :rofl:



Do either of those do business class? :slight_smile:


No, only cattle class

He obviously has a private jet anyway… but i do like the thought of him flying with Ryan Scare



How good would this be :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


As it happens on train going to Heathrow right now


He’s about to pass over Ipswich!!

You can watch his plane as it flies :joy::joy:


Can anyone confirm he is on the plane?


Its a private one so the twitter believes this is his


Hes passing through Colchester!! @Phoebica


He should stop there. They could do with a decent striker!


The only good thing about him not coming here is that I will win around £100 if he doesn’t.
There isn’t another club in Europe worse than us in the transfer market, so it’s always good to have a few quid on us messing it up,


Looks like he’s landing at Luton. :sunglasses:


We need men on the ground people. Who’s on this??


Not crazy about this transfer but this is pretty funny :joy: