Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


Come on this is Arsenal, we won’t pay Heathrow’s flight taxes. We’ll be flying him into Luton :sunglasses:.


Ah damn. Stansted would be more convenient for me.


Yep looks like Luton Airport as the wee red plane has stopped moving at Luton. :joy:


He should fly into Southend just so he can get a feel for a proper footballing town :grinning:


Yeah makes sense, it’s the closest airport to London Colney. Only about 20 minute drive from there.


Could that not just be anyone lol


We have now surpassed the Van Dijk Liverpool flight tracking.

Combine that with the Ornstein memes and this has been the GOAT window.

Arsenal Twitter >>>>>>>>



Fucking hell :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

How long before we have Robbie and Troopz live on the scene at Luton. Auba sees them and goes ‘fuck this I’m heading back lol’

Imagine that, AFTV scupper the Auba deal.


Where is he now? Why no update? Have we lost him?

I need to know!


He’s buying duty free :slight_smile:


Oh that’s alright then. I was worried he might have turned around after discovering how mental our fan base is.


The fanfare around this signing is interesting, don’t think we’ll reach Ozil levels though.

Although we might have surpassed it if there’s a sizeable contingent of Arsenal fans at the airport



Was no one tracking the taxi? :roll_eyes:


Is it time?


ArsenalCristoPastry 14:28 5 minutes ago 30th Jan 2018:

Sources tell me that @Aubameyang_7 has just walked down the gym corridor to the London Colney medical facility.


ArsenalCristoPastry 14:28 3 minutes ago 30th Jan 2018:

He’s just popped the to the loo, they were rushing from the airport and he didn’t get a chance to wee there. #Urgent


ArsenalCristoPastry 14:28 2 minutes ago 30th Jan 2018:

Ok, he’s just come out and washed his hands. Now he’s drying them in a Dyson Airblade. It’s quite a good hand-dryer but @Aubameyang_7 doesn’t think it’s quite as efficient as it could be as his hands are still wet and he’s worried about shaking hands with the doctor with wet hands so now he’ll have to wipe them on his trousers. #annoyed #Iprefermitsubishihanddryers


I’m on the train and my mate is ringing me every 10 minutes for updates :joy::joy: