Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


We will arguably be replacing Alexis goal power with no one should this deal not go through :rofl:


I tried to explain it, but do like you want :wink:


Would anyone really blame Chelsea if this transfer went balls up? They’re not obliged to do us any favours. We seem to have been chasing tails on this one, when we could have just offered Dortmund what they wanted two weeks ago. I still think we’ll get the deal across the line, but in true Arsenal fashion we’ll make it as difficult as possible for ourselves.


If Chelsea are on some bullshit we can just be insistent to Giroud that he be part of the deal to Dortmund otherwise his chances of making the World Cup are slim to none.

We’ve by all accounts tried to pave the way for him to Chelsea by accepting a shitty £15mil offer, if they still are taking the piss then the club needs to tell them to do one and give him only one out and that’s the one thing that will ensure we get the player we want.


You can blame anyone other than Arsenal for how long this saga is taking.
Personally I’d rather keep Giroud and address the real underlying problem with the team and that’s the defensive frailties and replacing Cech or better still replacing Wenger .





This. Get out or you don’t play in the WC.


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Because the deal with BVB wasn’t reliant on money per se. It’s always been about them replacing PEA.

If Giroud had said yes to moving to Germany, PEA would be our player now, and likely to start tonight.


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Tomorrow is going to be disastrous.

There’s an 11pm deadline tomorrow night - but 5pm could also be a key time for Arsenal.

Arsenal have an agreement in principle with Borussia Dortmund worth around £60m but they’ll only sign off on that if they get a replacement - and the deadline in Germany is 5pm.

Could that Dortmund arrival be the Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi?

Aubameyang’s arrival could mean Olivier Giroud leaves Arsenal, with Chelsea reportedly interested in the French striker. Should Giroud arrive at Chelsea, that could force Batshuayi to go out on loan - but to where?

Aubameyang left in limbo waiting for his big move



I would stand and I would applaud their transfer prowess in ballsing this up for us. Then I would call them cunts and never forgive them.