Photography thread

In honour of the Zaph man (@zaphod) returning to the forum, I figured it be a good time to bring back an old thread from the past onto new OA.

So, use this thread to show off your photography skills with some nice photos :kos2:

Does Instagram have a new rival? :eyes:

Never going to beat a pic by Zaph but here’s a pic in gods country just outside of Whitby



One of my favourite threads on old OA and loved his Iceland landscape shots!


I took these quite a few years ago.
The top one is in Sydney in Taronga zoo.
I was trying to get a picture of the Giraffe’s with either the bridge or opera house behind them.
It was a cheap camera but turned out ok.
The other photo is in Slovenia.


I’ve decided to make some contributions to this thread via some of my unpretentious efforts.



A favorite shot of mine that I took a few years ago at a place called Glesvær, in Western Norway. Used to love coming to this place to just get away with a fishing rod or mountain bike as its used to be extremely quiet

  • Oh, this is brilliant! :slight_smile: Thanx Mysty! Is this a pic of our captain there? Some brilliant pics in here already!

And yes I still take photos but less of the landscape shots now, mostly work indoors at basketball games for my local team and then @ concerts. Live music is the best. Anyway, here are a few recent samples…


Love it

Some awesome photos in here lads.

Have another,

Hardangervidda, one of the main roads that connects Bergen and Oslo and goes up over the mountain, is often at most points through winter impassable. I love the small cabin on the right.


Norway is my favourite country.
I have friends out there who live in Oslo but before that they were in Rjukan and we stayed there for the millennium.
That picture reminds me if some of the roads we travelled on to get there.

Same here mate, looking hopefully at moving back out there after new year, just can’t get on with being back in the UK. It doesn’t matter where I’ve been I always compare it to that place because I fell in love with it so much, the land, the people and the culture. Northern Norway is beautiful and Lofoten, even though it now seems overrun by tourists seeking the most dangerous instagrammable selfie.

I’ve got loads more like this in my cloud account will upload a few more, don’t want to hijack the thread though :joy:


Don’t know if this counts as ‘photography’ but here are some pictures I took on holiday in Italy last year. TBH I’d rather be up a snowy mountain than pretty much anywhere else.


Taken a few years back and still one of my favorites. Ca. one hour after midnight in June…


Don’t you just hate it when the sun is still up after midnight…

  • It can actually be quite annoying :smiley: But the 22 hour darkness in winter makes up for it
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This was actually one of my favourite thing about Norway during the summer months. Get shit faced in the sun during the summer and daytime never ends :smile:

  • The last days of summer…