Photography thread


  • Last night…


Is that an actual picture you took?

Because I don’t believe you :giroud2: :giroud3: :giroud2:

  • Yes, yes it is.

More info on Flickr…

The exposure is 2-3 seconds to long though, examined closely you can see some of the stars around the edges beginning to trail due to earths movement though the ones in the center are spot on


When I went to Whistler in July:


From an old trip to Stochkholm and Uppsala, Sweden


This thread is awesome


Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest during May.

  • Friday pic…


What a stunning picture.

  • Thanks!

  • As I will be in London tomorrow, here is this weeks Friday pic a day early!


Seasonally, I live in Cape Town for 2/3 months a year. I photographed this on my way home from Worcester to Cape Town. As the sun set the colours became crazily surreal and the photo is unretouched. Shot with an analog film camera though.


Wait!?! Big Sexy Sol was on my side of the world and didn’t stop by for a pint?


I thought you were from the US of A?


Take on my annual trip to Mostar, Bosnia back in June.


I’m only a six hour drive from Whistler! Make an effort, man! lol, I’m in Washington State.

  • The Friday pic. The Dillinger Escape Plan playing in Iceland…

  • The Friday pic…