Phones Thread

You do but my MacBook is the best laptop I’ve ever owned.

I’ve had some absolutely beastly Dell and Lenovo laptops as well as HP etc. and none of them even come close to how good my MacBook has been for me.

It’s 4 years old and shows no sign of slowing down either, but then of course I don’t do anything intensive on it like gaming etc which I did on my old laptops.

I really hate windows though, just not very good at all if you ask me, although I am planning on building my own stationary PC for gaming eventually.


Yeah i used to hate macs and the wankers that owned them but I’ve had the same one for 7 years, used it almost every day (not gaming though) and recently the trackpad stopped clicking and that’s all that’s ever really gone wrong with it. And since clicking is not needed and you can tap to click it’s fine.

I obviously haven’t had a windows machine for 7 years either so can’t comment how good they are these days but they always seemed to end up degrading, getting blue screens, driver issues etc fairly regularly back then. I’ve got a brand new Ubuntu one for work and it’s got loads of problems.

The only problem is they’re ridiculously expensive for what you get nowadays. I keep waiting for this one to die so I can get a newer one but I really can’t justify it.

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I always use Apple products too. I love them. Don’t care if non Apple users think I’m a follower or whatever other nonsense they come out with :sunglasses:

Besides, in my industry, they’ve always used Mac computers. They’re much better than Windows for us creatives. And because of that I bought myself a MacBook to make it easier to work from home. And I haven’t looked back since.


This thread is getting more triggering than the Corona virus one.

The lies people tell themselves to justify spending 3x more than they need to on a piece of kit. Bet youse all cried when Jobs died.


To be fair though…it’s not just iPhone users. Most people who buy the newest Samsung or Huawei flagship (although that got less because no Google services) don’t really need a €1000 phone either for their daily uses.

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I barely even have an opinion on the subject but this got you the like. Exactly the kind of energy I hoped for.


I do agree but Windows and Samsung look to be catching up in that respect, particularly in the connectivity between devices. I really like the look at the S7 + tab actually, looks better than the iPad Pro to me!

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For creatives, there is really no alternative to MacBooks and iPad to be fair.
They are stuck.


I love it.

What a clown that guy was as well. I think his cancer was very curable, but he chose not to go for treatment or something, opted for homeopathy and other weird shit.

Then it spread and he was terminal. And this is the guy whose shit half the world swallows. No wonder anti-vax and conspiracy theories are all the rage and no coincidence it’s the US, where apple drones are at their most prominent, which is the craziest.


not to mention that Samsung produces several of their key components, like their high performance circuit chips and screens etc (intel made their processors until recently)

It works because both companies know Apple is just branding, design and fluff, they’d buy worse components from someone else anyway and their consumers don’t care so Samsung just make profit off of selling them their 2nd tier components and everybody involved is fine with it :wright:

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