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I need a new phone but I can’t decide. I’ve stuck with iPhone for 12 years, but now I’m thinking a change could be good.

I’m looking at the Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8. The Galaxy S9 looks slick, and has slightly better specs. But iPhone 8 looks good as well and feels like the ‘safe bet’ knowing exactly what I get.

Are there any people on here that made that switch from iPhone/iOS to Galaxy/Android? Was it worth it?

WHAT TO DO?! :giroud3:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Something else, I prefer…

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Google Pixel 2 XL

What’s your laptop @Bl1nk? If you are a mac user it makes sense to stick with apple, if not then android all the way. Galaxy S9 and the Pixel both trump the iphone X let alone 8, I personally went with the Pixel as I prefer the design and stock android, both cameras are pretty amazing.


Yeah I have a Macbook, one at work as well.

I’ll look into the Pixel.

I have the Pixel 2 as well. Switched from a Galaxy S7 and it’s been seamless. The battery is awesome, camera equally as good if not better than what’s out. The OS and everything about the phone is just really impressive.

All about the Galaxy’s.

Always had an android phone as I prefer them and I’m not a sheep :wink:

(always used android here too)

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This world wide sham? Surprised as everywhere you go it looks like everyone as an iPhone lol

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iOS is just on one brand while Android is on hundreds of brands, the majority of them much cheaper and affordable. So it makes sense it would be more used.

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Yep. Worldwide. If you think about it it makes sense as there are numerous big android phone makers and only one place making apples.

Even then, theres more Samsungs than there is Apples…

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Thanks guys :slight_smile: made my decision

What did you choose?

I have an S8+ as my personal phone and think it’s great.

I have an iPhone which I was given for work and it’s very good from that perspective. The way it has been setup means that it syncs with Outlook and Skype for Business seamlessly. Takes some getting used in respect of the slight difference in navigating but generally it’s a lovely piece of kit.

If you have a Macbook, I imagine it’s just easier to stick with Apple but if you are after a change, you simply cannot go wrong with the latest Samsung flagship.


S8 ftw.

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A really tough decision, my friends recommending Galaxy, OA as well. But… I’ve chosen iPhone 8.

  • There’s a few apps I use that are iOS only, or better on iOS. (Work-related apps too)
  • My iCloud is loaded with photos and old conversations, transferring it to Android is probably complicated.
  • I like how iCloud perfectly syncs photos and videos
  • Fully used to the user interface, so won’t have to learn anything new
  • I have an iPad and Macbook, so compatibility-wise, this is better
  • I was scared! 12 years of iPhone use, I didn’t have the courage to change… Yet. Maybe next time :sweat_smile:

One thing that really put me off is the lack of a mini-jack. I actually have to use a shitty lightning port converter to mini-jack…


Made the mistake of Swapping Samsung for Huawei…big mistake. Nice handsets but the Huawei interface is fucking terrible.

iPhone X

I’m a traditional iPhone user (now iPhone 7) and recently switched to a Samsung for a work phone, I find the difference in battery duration staggering :smile: Maybe should’ve got on board with Android years ago but I’m brand-bonded to Apple so hard :weary:


On my third Huawei having come from Samsung via a Google nexus. and am a big fan. Initially didn’t like the interface either but adapted pretty quickly.

I have had a couple of Samsungs, Huawei and now pixel. Pixel is by far the best device I’ve owned.


iPhone all the time . Easy to use for us cyber-retards