PES 2021

Hahaha. Its like Arsenal with CB’s.

I done 5 seasons at Norwich, won the treble in last season with them.

Now moved to Wolves in the 24/25 Season and stuck the AI on Legend. It’s brutal because they don’t waste chances and defend like 90’s Italy.
Gotta put the game time on 14mins minimum and take your time.


Ffs. What a terrible miss lol. Twice


Why did he clear it ffs lol

Bit late to the party here, but can anybody recommend the best PS4 option file that has the main leagues / competition logos in one download? There seems to be loads out there and don’t know which one to go for, confusing as hell

There’s this one by Nicoultas or something which seems to be comprehensive - is that a decent one?

Me and @Midfield_Maestro were lucky enough to download PES Universe’ update for free on , which is the best around. But it’s been taken down, cunts.

Luckily there’s plenty of alternatives on that website, however I dunno which ones are best.

Nicoultras listed here as well. Could be worth checking out

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If you still have that file you could upload it somewhere maybe?

I’d help @Sol but I only have 2020 (for Milan license etc) so my very complete option file wouldn’t work.


I just downloaded the Nicoultras one and checked the files in it - seems to be very complete so will see how it works out. The install process seems pretty straightforward so fingers crossed and don’t bastard it up


I don’t sadly. Actually only formatted my USB drive last week, which contained the WEPES folder :santi:

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It’s pretty easy yeah, as long as you’ve got a good option file.

Some are corrupt and won’t work but a lot of them are easy to work around.

In the end I combined a couple to complete a total overhaul of every non-licensed team/league/competition pretty much.

Once you figure out one you can implement a few things together.

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I think I found a copy of the decent one that @Bl1nk mentioned above on some random Greek Facebook page. If you ask, the Internet shall surely provide. I’ll let you gents know whether it worked - looking forward to starting a Master League.

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Can I just say since I started using the '‘Fan View’ camera angle, has improved the game so much. Would recommend.

Decided to give online another chance as I was bored with my ML.

Turns it out it’s very good. Been playing myClub co-op with a mate. They’re all 2vs2 matches.

No lag, no endless waiting in the lobby. Solid gameplay, interesting match-ups and great team goals. Highly recommend it! It’s much improved compared to PES2020.

My team:

Selection wise I’m always the underdog lol. Constantly come up against teams with Kahn, Rummenige, van Basten, Rijkaard etc. But it doesn’t matter, the games so far have been really good. Usually the opponents with the best squads are the worst players.

If anyone wants a game at some point, DM me on PSN.


Great lineup there! I need to get back to online, is my club like ultimate team where you have to get lucky drafting great players etc?

Yeah it’s a poor mans FUT. But it’s been ridiculously easy getting these players. Lots of gifs from KONAMI, they probably had to, to keep people interested.

I bought the Arsenal PES edition, which came with a 99 Bergkamp and a couple of free packs every week. There have also been several legend gifts, which is how I got Maldini, Mattheus, Carlos and some others on the bench.

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This looks sensational. Makes me want to buy the game on PC lol.

FUMA = Full Manual (passing & shooting)

Goal at 8:35.


That looks amazing lol

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Looks so good! Still has the shite pes refereeing though those first three fouls for getting the ball cleanly… standard :joy:

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That looks insane lol

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I’ve been thinking about getting a gaming PC and you’re pushing me over the edge with this!


Now you can get frustrated at a machine 3-5 times the price

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