PES 2021

I’m using the manual button more ofter than not for through balls and shooting now.

Settings are still on assisted, but the manual button is a god send.

Ah okay, does it work the same as shooting, where if I want a ground pass I hold down and away from the direction of play? Because when running with a player to get onto a pass, to then hold down and away from the goal to slot it bottom corner, half the time doing that, stops my player running and the defender catches him. It’s. A stupid system

Use SuperCancel when ball is in flight to get around defenders or position your player better. Only need to use it for a split second sometimes.


Is super cancel r1/r2 at the same time? I thought that was just to stop a player moving toward the ball (I’d always use it when they were sprinting towards a lofted clearance that if they touch it, they’re gonna put it out for an oppo throw in) does it cancel everything then? Even bad pass inputs?

Yep cancels everything.

Alters your scripted run onto a thru ball, as well, so if you quickly tap it the AI gets confused lol


Deadly when rounding keepers too. I always used the fake shot but super cancel is much more effective. Master this, and you’ll master the AI.


Sounds like I need to practice


However, I’m too busy enjoying making kits for the game…

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Will they actually work?

how do you mean? you can import this to your PS4 as you would an option file on a USB as long as it’s saved on in a folder named WEPES, then you just go to import images as you would before.

Yeah I know but have no idea how they scale the images and that. Let us know how it looks mate :+1:

Im super pleased with the outcome. PES compresses the files a little so there’s some jpeg artefacting around the details such as badges, Adidas/Nike logos etc. But there’s nothing you can do to counter that at all.


Looks sick :clap::clap::clap:

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I spent longer than I’m comfortable with on this one :joy:


Yes mate you’ve posted this three times now give it a rest, thanks.

i INSIST there is scripting in this game. 5-0 up at half time, cruising to a win. The MOMENT their attacking intent goes to red rather than neutral, I can’t pass, I can’t get into their half, I can’t get any kind of chance creation, my defenders run away from the ball and they get 3 goals in five minutes after the resumption of play. 2 of their goals in real life even a 10 year old would’ve got clear, but my defenders absolutely refuse to go near the ball/mark their man, even though I’ve instructed them to do so.

I wouldn’t mind, these are 83-87 rated defenders…

Another goal conceded, my defender could’ve walked to the ball. Decides to stop. Their player runs to it, then my defender runs to where the ball was initially and he’s run in behind and scored. I am pulling my fucking hair out here

Spent even longer on these, and tried to recreate THAT save in the FA Cup Semi final, wrong hand though…


Superb work mate

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Nice mate! PES Universe will offer you a job soon :sweat_smile:


PES AI :facepalm: