PES 2021

Looks good!

I haven’t really played a football game for about 3 years (I still buy FIFA - I play a game and then I never touch it again) but I think I might get PES this year

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Stunning graphics

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I got pes 19 last year but barely played it, might try harder with pes 20


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Ah no more PM Black White, think it’ll be the most played squad online.

Option files sorts everything out online and offline anyway :slight_smile:

Also heard Fifa’s Juventus is now fake as they are exclusive to PES :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Check FIFA thread M8 :arteta:

Wonder if FIFA will need option files? :arteta:

Omg inject it into my veins

Honestly think I will give PES a shot this year. Not a huge Fifa guy anyway and I really only play it offline anyway (Ultimate team is fucking stupid).

I just don’t want to have to think about playing a CL Final against Piemonte Calcio


Yeah might go for PES again, too. Especially since option files are fairly easy on consoles these days. Just whop some files on a USB drive, load them in the PES edit mode and press X a couple of times.

Hope they finally sorted the wage issue on Master League though.

Can go into finances and whack all your income to go to wage budget. Works wonders.

I remember having a €400,000,000 transfer budget but unable to spend it. All the money I gained from selling players went into my transfer budget and not my wage budget, I could barely offer a decent salary to an average player.

I needed an external tool to fix it:

You didn’t have this problem?

That sounds like a major bug. Didn’t get that on the PS4. Assuming you’re on PC?

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Probably platform related dude. Not had anyone I know get that bug on console

Definitely gonna try this

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Solid set of teams there


Let’s gooooo

Let us know how it is

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