PES 2021

Wonder why they have gone for the larger files only.

I’m sure a smaller file version will be made eventually.

Here’s the latest OF from PES Universe with a mix of 2048 and 1024, whichever you prefer:
Updated link:
Password: PESV1UNI

Mix of lower res kits so should all fit now

@Bl1nk @Artactics Enjoy

Tutorial for the above OF:


doesn’t really look much like bergkamp

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Been playing Become a Legend as well @Midfield_Maestro. Good mode to start PES with.

Started off in Serie B at Virtus Entella. Slow start but now climbing the table into promotion places. Lots of fun this. Gameplay defo feels different. Player a lot more responsive and skill moves seem more efficient.

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PES AI :xhaka: @Electrifying @Midfield_Maestro



That is horrific lol. The AI did the funniest OG against me. Basically their defender dribbled back to their keeper who then pounced at their feet, the ball richoted up into the defenders face at 100mph and went flying into the top bins.

What AI level is that on mate?

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Become a Legend, Top Player.

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Ah I find anything below Superstar level and the AI just go retarded tbh.

I did BAL on SuperStar but got bored after half a season.

I’ve started a ML with Norwich City instead now. Half a season done top of the league tied with Bournemouth on superstar. Gonna put it on Legend when I get promoted.

Deserve it for having a plant cutting off a corner of the screen. What kind of heathen is able to play video games with that shit going on? Horrendous human being. Expected so much more from you Arthur :laca:


Didn’t notice that. Now I am triggered to fuck.

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Ffs :joy::joy: