Pes 2019


Download link for all the PES 2019 kits, managers, badges, stadiums and competitions data that PES World have released so far (PS4 only).

Includes Premier League, EFL Championship, La Liga and Serie A plus all the domestic, European and international competitions around. The remaining files for unlicensed leagues haven’t been released yet (Bundesliga etc).

Initially put this together for myself and friends to use but thought it could make someone’s life easier on here too.

Note: only extract these on a Windows machine because Macs screw up the file names for some reason and won’t work.


Looks flawless :open_mouth:


Quick, @Phoebica


Not quite, he is going bold nowadays :smile:


Bought PES!


Got Pes this year for the first time since either 2005 or 2006 (had Henry and Terry on the front) and I have to say that the gameplay is much better then fifa and I get fifa every year, I have Fifa on pre order though.

I’m probably going to download one of those option files to make it look legit, so far I’ve started a master league but the transfers aren’t really that realistic, I managed to sign Mpabbe for a few million plus Lacazette and I didn’t get a single bid for any of my transfer listed players in the whole window, all I got was 3 separate bids for Auba from Liverpool, I much prefer fifa career mode.

It’s a shame that you can’t have the layout and different modes from fifa and then the gameplay from pes in one game combined

Overall I’m really enjoying Pes this year though


Loving Master League so far. Started a career with Wolves.

Spent most of my budget signing Lautaro Martinez, from Inter. His debut? 2 goals :smiley: I was struggling up front before his arrival, he made an instant impact and got me three vital points.

Still learning the game, starting on top player straight away can be brutal at times. My first match was Chelsea away, lol. I got battered 3-0. Prefer learning it the hard way like this. Feels more realistic.

@Midfield_Maestro you got a Master League running yet?


Since they lost the champions league license what is it called now?


Hell yeah I have.

Started as Arsenal as always for the first save. I’ve bought in Isco and Martial and Sule. I’ve completed one season so far and finished 7th but won Europa to gain entry to CL. Finding the league really tough on Super Star difficulty, the AI can really turn the screw and put you under pressure.

I really like how the tactics are constantly changing during the game though by the AI. In derby matches against the likes of Chelsea and Spurs, they start hard and fast gengpressing the shit out of you. They slow down in the second half if you can weather the storm. Then you have relegation fodder who sit and hit you on the break which can be frustrating as fuck but rewarding if you break their defence.

Nothing touches the depth of ML in terms of the teams roles, the training and development and the transfers and contracts. Its the closest thing to a playable Football Manager you’ll get IMO.


Cant remember. European cup or something. I’ve got an option file so its back to official :grin:


Is this the best football game on the market or to be released in years?

Because if so I think I’m basically sold and want it tonight lol.


Its beaten fifa hands down for the past three years. Would recommend.


I’m considering cancelling my FIFA pre-order. So far it’s been nothing but fun with PES19.

Option file is a must of course.


Absolutely no chance I’d play this without the option file that’s for sure.


I’ve actually created an ultimate option file by collating bits from different sites and stuck it one folder. (for PS4)

Happy to email it to anyone that wants it.


On the pitch it has a very solid argument.


Just seen that PES World have sorted out Option Files for all the European leagues.


Too bad I have an Xbox so this isn’t an option.


What a way to start MyClub haha. Packed Eden!


Lucky shit

Going to try my luck later!