Pes 2019


Just played the demo. Gotta say I really like it, they’ve taken a couple of steps forward in graphics and gameplay.

Stunning, simply stunning. The players look so realistic, even the movement feels spot on. When I slid in with Coquelin, it actually felt like a Coquelin sliding, like the rash ones he can make. Giroud, Sanchez, Cazorla all look spot on. Stadium and environment looks gorgeous too. They beat FIFA in this department IMO.

Looks like they’ve slowed things down a bit, which I like, a bit lower tempo allows the build-up to be more satisfying and realistic. Have to really work a chance. The occasional ball over the top still works, but not as often as before. Overall the gameplay gives me a positive feeling, like I’m playing a football match again.

Don’t think I’m gonna order this however, as I’m already going for FIFA. Which all of my mates will be playing anyway, plus the game modes on FIFA are way way better than PES. I also think the menu interface on PES has been outdated for years, they don’t seem to care about improving it.

Overall though, PES 2017 looks a solid game (judging by the demo build of course).


I want to switch, as I don’t think EA and FIFA deserve my money, do they have mm on PES?


MM? Manager mode? Master League is there


Something puts me off PES though; maybe it is the licensing, but it is true, FIFA haven’t actually made a good game; they instead focus on improving graphics and updating their Ultimate Team, which is a dying shame.


Back in the days I never cared about licensing and stuff and PES was the gameplay master. But these past few years, licensing has become more of an issue for me and that’s what puts me off of PES.


played this the other night and was easy to pick up and play. will prabley pick it up once its on sale.


None of my mates are interested in PES.

If I bought it, I’d be the only sad cunt I know with the game. And when people come over for a beer or whatever, they’re like wtf is this garbage?


I would buy PES as I’ve always preferred it to fifa but their development team continuous neglect of the PC edition means I won’t be paying for a crappy PS4 PC port


Woooow! :open_mouth:

The graphics are INSANE on this! Love the passing aswell. Özil is a genius to play with just kept giving him the ball. This just might have persuaded me to buy both FIFA & PES


I’m surprised that Konami didn’t fucked up, shame they lost the Bayern license.


Honestly if PES had all the licenses, game modes and multiplayer EA has… I’d be so tempted. It’s shocking how far behind they are in multiplayer. The MyClub is a joke and they still use servers and game lobbies, end up hammering a lobby to enter and get a game lol. Farce.

But there’s just something about scoring goals on PES, gives me much more satisfaction.


Have to agree @Bl1nk different feeling to FIFA. I’ll think I’ll get both this year. Arsenal being licenced is pushing it. Arsenal winning the CL in the proper tops. :ok_hand::ok_hand: The player faces are actually so good it’s like watching a match on the TV!


My only problem with the licenses is the Bundesliga, there is some weird legal thing where Konami can’t even have them as fake teams.


Best I’ve ever seen on a football game. I stopped skipping replays to enjoy how real they look haha


Downloaded last night and had a couple of games this afternoon.

Loved it and as you say scoring a goal actually felt right rather than scoring the same old shit.

The passing is great but the online stuff is a worry!

Few more games tonight I reckon


A good strategy could be offer the game for the half of price than Fifa, trying to convert the videogamers who preferred to play with the EA product for the latest 12 years (I’m one of them despite I was a super fan of WI).


If enough ppl revolt against fifa cause they are tired of getting ripped off, the tide can change. See what happened to NBA live from EA for a reference.


To sum up my thoughts on the football game offerings this year: If there was ever a year to buy both, this is it.

FIFA 17 (played the beta) is the more well rounded game while PES 2017 is the insatiable alternative. From what I’ve experienced thus far I’m just glad I can afford both.

What a fucking year this could be for the two premiere football games in terms of gameplay enhancements, be it technically and aesthetically. They’re just clearly well balanced and instantaneously enjoyable upgrades.

Been following PES more than I usually do this year since the FC Barcelona trailer. And boy is that trailer an absolute peach. PES demo’s are enjoyable basically every year, but because I’ll end up playing it alone most of the time, I tend to pass on buying it. This year feels different though. There’s an immersive feel to the game in how it’s all balanced out. You have to work for everything but everything is possible and everything looks like football in its most attractive and unpredictable form. It’s not lop-sided one way or another.

Every player’s attributes and build has advantages and disadvantages. Every team can be unique. They’re all important and they can all succeed or be beaten. You can tell when you’re on the ball with a magician like Özil, a dribbler like Sanchez or a runner like Bellerin. The team movement is on point.

This time I’m convinced Konami have finally found the right mix. Years and years of mixing it up and trying out different things looks like it’s finally hit it’s peak level.

It’s methodical but still open. It’s free flowing but still compact and challenging. You can organise your defensive approach confidently, but all it takes is one quick exchange or fumble and you could pay. All it takes is one good move for you to do the same. Nothing feels mechanical and scripted. Shooting and dribbling is as satisfying as it’s ever been. The goalkeepers are improved. Through balls are well balanced as is crossing. They did well with the graphics, player models, stadiums and licenses this demo too.

With PES you know something magical can come together if you find that sweet combo; and you know it’s going to look and feel awesome. Shooting and finishing is so diverse too, making any kind of goal feel possible. That’s always been a franchise strength.

It’s the mix that made PES so glorious in its golden era, but on the next gen scale that we’ve waited years for. And it’s at a much more realistic pace than it has been in recent years.

It’s a joy to behold at times. Quick one touch back heel passes, looping headers on the near post, letting go of the dash button and maneuvering your dribble with the left stick. It’s really fun. I held it up with Giroud earlier against the Barcelona defenders, shielding, shifting the ball and it looked jaw droppingly impressive tbh.

People will still not even consider PES, but that’s mainly down to circumstances such as budgets, broad licensing and marketing. It’s kind of sad but I’m not sleeping on gameplay and enjoyment this good.


Waiting to see what Fifa has to offer, I don’t like the animations in pes17 they seem very elastic if that makes sense, like a magnet the ball accelerated as it gets closer to its target. The replays look like I’m watching HD USA 94 highlights with that American style broadcast appearance of that makes sense. The players look class but they are far too blown out highlight wise, waiting to see what Fifa is like.

When games like uncharted 4 can look so real why do most football games still look like they’re stuck in the previous generation? Even uncharted 2 looks about as good as this years pes!


I dont mind PES, but the animations are so fucking dated its not a touch on Fifa’s fluid natural body movements. Feels really arcadey and each shot is always like 100mph.