Pes 2019


Available for just €9,- in the Official Sony Store, deal is until 30 March.


@Midfield_Maestro would you recommend it?


I was considering buying last weekend since I was bored (bought no mans sky after i heard it was having updates, possibly the most boring game I’ve ever played) but if it’s that cheap i defo will this weekend.




Cheers. Just bought it. Found an option file with all kits, logos, names and everything too. Excited.


Wicked. Option file is a must. Some teams even have more kits than fifa.


Had this a week, really like it :grin:

Master league is still a joy. Does anyone know if the name of the regen means much? Like will a 16 year old Kaka become much better than a 16 year old Joaquin or just random?


Look at their growth bar. Sometimes players have spurts where they just go up ridculously in a few months then level again.

The regens are usually similar to their ‘‘previous life’’ but most of the time better.

I have a 19 yr old Gareth Barry who is a 90 :confused:

Also your current players team roles affect growth. Coz i have a lot of players that have a positive effect on growth, my youngsters are learning.

A bit like Arsenal in real life. Fabs learned from Vieira. Ramsey learned from no one.


Do the re-gens appear during the first season? Also, I started with the Master League default team, instantly checked my youth squad, nearly all of them are better than the 30 year-old veterans in my first-team haha. Brought a lot of them up. The scouting system seems a bit dodgy so far, maybe I need to get used to it.


I think begging of second season. Lobato is a must sign from youth. Turns into the best striker in the game.


Anyone got PES 2018 yet?


Yes and loving it. Got an option file last night for all the kits and logos. Started a Master League as Arsenal. Bought Cancelo, Lemar and Malcolm. 4W 1D so far.


What console are u playing it on?


I got it again this year! They really stepped up and made the PC version distinct and excellent instead of porting the PS3 version.

It’s still let down by it usual problems though but the actual football simulation is the much better than Fifa imo


Link me up mate!


Ps4 and superstar difficulty. They have a new Legend difficulty which im keen to try soon.

Search ‘wehk option file’
There are only basic ones out there at the mo. Soon they will add full Bundesliga to the game.


That was actually my next question. How do you download the option files? I was searching a couple weeks ago on how to download it and I couldn’t find anything.


Search wehk option file on youtube. Piss easy.


Loved pes 17 but struggling to get into this one after a few days solid playing, the passing seems off, defending is a joke and it’s easy to score crazy good goals without much actual skill at the game

Konami are known to keep updating/improving the game as the year goes on so hopefully they improve the game play but thinking I might have to give fifa a go this year


The defending is a bit difficult. Balls over the top need to be nerfed as they are too OP


The assisted passing seems much more assisted and often pics the wrong pass imo, obviously could be that I’m playing badly but I was ok as 17, Hopefully after a month or 2 they will have made a few slight changes to the game play because I have rage quit a few times already lol