Pes 2019


A reason to choose PES over FIFA? :stuck_out_tongue:


You can download a lite version of PES 2018 for free, quite cool tbh


Now you can play the Online myClub and PES LEAGUE Mode, as well as the Offline Exhibition Match and Training Mode all for free!

Very smart move by KONAMI making myClub free. With all the bullshit EA is going through this couldn’t of been timed better. Hats off to their marketing team.


They did this last year for PES 17 but around Jan-Feb time. Konami care more about the fans than EA.


And that’s saying something because Konami is a shambles.

Check out this trailer for a remade MGS3. Look how amazing it looks.

So whens this coming out? It’s not. They rendered all that just for MGS3 pachinko machines. I don’t even know how that works. :xhaka:


Any feedback on this one? I haven’t played this much irritating matches in a long time, I didn’t get this pissed when playing FIFA, even if I’m no fan of the game, horrible cursor switch when playing online, players pass the ball straight or far away when you meant to pass it right to the closest player.


Ive done about 15 seasons of ML during the course of the year lol. Its a fantastic mode. Don’t really play online. You get a better match from the COM.


all i care about is how much money is this gonna get us. We have a fuck tonne of work to do on and off the pitch so it will need a lot of money when we have a competent manager willing to spend the money and get the squad where it needs to be. Any rumoured amounts?


Think you can get the game for about 20 quid now mate.


lol, i meant how much does the partnership bring Arsenal. It would be interesting to find out how much all of our partnerships bring in.


Wrong thread pal, this one is about Pro Evo the footy game :see_no_evil:


also have a partnership with PES 2018 / Konami


Argh tempted to buy PES and completely dive into ML.

Are the player ratings realistic @Midfield_Maestro?


Yep very. Love how in depth ML is. Each player brings something to your club, whether it be finances, growth, team spirit or players conditions. The regens are great (retired players come back as 16 yr olds). Theres no cap on the amount of seasons. Its almost like a playable FM now.


I heard it was kind of behind the times though, and not much has changed between, like PES 2013 and now.

Compared to say, the FIFA transfer negotiations and ballon d’Or stuff.



Did you install an option file with all the updated kits etc? Was it easy?


Fifa is well behind the times. Its career mode has no depth, literally play game after game with nothing else to it. Players have character in PES ML, each has a role to play, affection levels, all that jazz. In Fifa each player feels the same, not to mention the gameplay is horrid. Fifa 18 is the worst yet IMO.


Yeah, its easier than ever before. Loads of guides out there. If you get the game I’ll point you in the right direction bud.


Yeah but I’m wondering if the stuff like transfers and training etc has been updated.

I’m tempted to get it tbh, been going through a nostalgia trip playing PES 2 on the PS2.

It was my first ever PS2 game.


Transfers are good. Negotiate prices, salary, add players for exchange. Even has percentage of how likely the player is to sign as you change the values.

Training is there. There’s a list of about 20 odd playing styles you pick for the player to train e.g box to box, Target man, no.10 etc.

Also there’s specialist training for the traits of player e.g man marking, long range drive, one touch pass. Players can only learn these if they meet a certain criteria e.g 80 for defending and 75 explosive power (man marking trait).

Lot of levels to ML now.