Pes 2019


Only reason i never bought PES this year was cause i have an xbox and couldn’t find any info on the option files. I saw a lot of ps stuff out there but nothing for xbox.


Lol had no idea you could play CL finals in the fictional stadium in the CL intros.

Capacity is 1,050,000 lol :arteta:

I’m gonna try picking this up, I’ve decided.

@Arsenal4thetreble unfortunately Microsoft don’t let you import game files from pc our whatever via USB so no way of transferring option files i’m afraid.



That’s so typical KONAMI. And I love it


The way CL is embedded into Master League is brilliant. On a CL matchday the menus and music all change to the real CL theme and the intro to the matches are all legit.


I’m buying this as well.

Thanks @Midfield_Maestro for promoting it :smiley: you should be a salesman


On xbox 360 you could do it wirelessly from your PC. Haven’t messed with the xbox one enough to figure it out. You are right though, I’m sure I’d have read about it if it was possible to do.


myClub is weird.


@Midfield_Maestro my copy is in the post!

Can’t play it for another couple weeks tho :sanchez2:

On the topic of Japanese games, you got Yakuza 6?? Thats also waiting in my room to be played :giroud3:


Just finished my first Master League season.

Club: Arsenal (with ML Original Line-up)
League: Championship
Finish: Champions (1st)

Signed a couple of players from the Youth Team as I didn’t have budget to sign from other clubs. My squad going into the season looked bleak and thin as fuck. However things started very brightly with my two front men linking up instantly; Coutinho (different one) and Arcas. They carried me all season. Coutinho finished as league’s top scorer with 33 goals, with Arcas leading the assist charts.

Made a couple of bargain signings in January, signed a 17-year old Venezuelan wonderkid, who instantly picked up form and went from a 70 to 75 rating in no-time (some sort of special on form thing in ML?)
Signed free agent Barco CAM/CM. Cesc type of player.

Anyway, first season was quite comfortable. Now I’m up into the Premier League. Luckily the board gave me plenty of money to invest. I signed mostly free agents, youngsters and re-gens.

My first re-gen signing :smiley:

Played my first two Premier League games, 1-1 at Southampton and a 2-0 defeat at Derby, who came up with me, ugh.

This season will be a struggle for sure. Also because half my team is new which means low chemistry.

@Midfield_Maestro Any tips for a young centre forward?



Im still playing Kiwami. Havent played Yakuza 2-5 yet so reluctant to jump straight in 6!


Nice going.

I done 6 seasons with Arsenal, won 2 league titles and 3 CL’s. Completely changes the team in the process. Got Pogba in 2nd season and he has got Legend team role by the time I left.

My last game was beating Spurs in the CL final!

Nketiah is an 89 for me! Get him if you can. I’d suggest getting as many regens as poss. Players grow differently on every save, so it’s hard to suggest. Get players who have good growth in their team roles…they help massively with training.


Holy shit Nketieh. Nice

That CL theme looks awesome


I’ve now joined Dortmund to start a new project. Im playing a new system I haven’t tried before. It’s working so well.

Currently in first season, battling with Bayern for the title. Was knocked out of German FA Cup first round. In CL Ro16.

Got a shit load of re-gens. My average age is probably around 22-23.

Im in season 2023/24.

Oh I bought Jaoquin, Nketiah and Danny with me.

Sane was already there. They had a shit load of old players I got rid of. Ive bought about 15 players.


Just played my first game, Barcelona Vs Real Madrid. Set on regular cos I still need to get a hang of it.

3-3 draw and was more enjoyable than any FIFA game I’ve played in the past 5 years.

AI with intelligent positioning and movement oh how I’ve missed you.

There is actually a midfield in this game, meaning you don’t just sprint past people from your box to the other to score.

Breaking down teams gives satisfaction and requires intelligent buildup.

The individuality, a pes classic, is there in abundance.

In short, this is everything I wanted. What’s the best Option file with bundesliga stuff too to download? Want to get that before I start master league.


Google WEHK option file. Should sort your needs.

And agree with all you’ve said there. You actually need a football brain to play this game. Much more of a sim.


I’ve been trying to find a YouTube video on how to accurately create Arteta’s face.

I can find Wenger, Mourinho etc. But no him.

I want to do a Master League with him, to foreshadow what’s about to happen in real life :arteta:

Downloading that option file was such a pain because of the image limit. Man





Yeah, they should probably start by fixing the horrible online mode bugs in the 2018.


Why the fuck would someone ask for snow, it’s a shit setting and I always turn it off lol


The demo out now for pes2019