Per Mertesacker


Let’s hope that Per never becomes a manager.


I think he’ll make a good manager one day


Yup gives that manager vibe


He’s too mentally fragile to be a successful manager in my opinion. It’s a high pressure job and he even said he didn’t like the pressure of his playing career


oh yes thats true


He had to vomit before every game - even the Swanseas and Subderlands type of games.


Yeah I can’t see him being a manager at thighest level, but a coach/scout could deffo be an option, like the role he is in now.


Extract from his book

“In my new role as Arsenal academy manager I will do everything I can to challenge the young players’ mindsets. I want to challenge them so that they are ready to take on new ideas and protect them from being injured, when it comes to their body and soul."

“My experience has taught me that you simply cannot do enough. For example, I was a big fan of yoga from the beginning because I had seen that it improved stability and flexibility.

“Even at the age of 33 I was one of the most flexible at Arsenal when it came to my back muscles. Hardly anyone came to the yoga sessions that the club offered. Often there were only four of us: Héctor Bellerín, Nacho Monreal and Tomas Rosicky.”

I’d like to be part of that yoga class :grin:


I bet they wouldnt mind you there with them either :giroud:


That is such a good interview.

Really interesting, think Per could do wonders for the club mentality at a youth level that will then come seep into our senior players.

Seems like a lot of players are quite lazy and don’t take it seriously.



The future is bright, the future is Per :per:


Go on Per! Good luck for your new job!


I’m going to go ahead and say Afro Thunder isn’t going to make it.


First thing I noticed was that massive affro :slight_smile:




Oh Per, why did you have to get involved. wanker.

Can’t wait till they say there’s no racism in Germany full stop now.


What’s this scared to play pussio saying?


Just the same straw man as the others.


Haven’t we lauded him as a model professional and as a man of principle and integrity for his entire Arsenal career?

Why would he come out and say something that isn’t true, that directly contradicts one of his long term Arsenal teammates whom he still works with?

There has never been any talk of racism within the German national team up until now. If it was so racist, why haven’t Khedira, Gundogan, Boateng, Ozil, Klose, Podolski, etc. spoken up in the last few years? Why is it only being brought up now?

Seems to me it’s deflection tactics from Gundogan and Ozil’s teams who are now trying to deflect attention away from their own misdoings and poor judgement by playing the race card/victim card which is super lame.

Just because they’re a part of a Muslim minority doesn’t mean they can’t be criticised for their actions lol It doesn’t mean people are racist :joy:

If I had been on the national team for years with Ozil and Gundogan and then they did something as stupid as they did and started calling me and all our long term friends and teammates racist for not agreeing with what they did I’d be really pissed off too and out there defending myself.

I think this is just Ozil and Gundogan trying to deflect from their own poor judgement and the left jumping on the bandwagon for a hot button issue. I highly doubt Podolski or Lewis Holtby (let’s say he played for the German nt) would be getting this level of support if they were hanging out with some Polish right wing extremist or Tommy Robinson and saying that they were their true leaders and endorsing them with signed club shirts.