Per Mertesacker


Per should also be credited for Kos being allowed to be aggressive and step out, he was the calmer of the two which allowed Kos to play his natural game.

Kos definitely benefited from playing beside Per and vice versa.


Squad number removed & thread moved to The Arsenal!





What a shit team lol


Says a lot about his career tbh :neutral_face:.


Fabianski ahead of Neuer?

Are these just players he has got along really well with?


He’s doing players he’s played with at club level, obviously.

Edit: maybe not obviously, just noticed a couple simply listed as “Germany”. Apologies


I bet that’s the first time Fabianski and Monreal have ever been mentioned in anyone’s “ultimate XI.”

As for Baumann, Arteta, Rosicky and Cazorla getting in his midfield and Ozil and Sanchez being left out, that seems a bit strange.

Let’s hope that he is as far away as possible when it comes to recommending players for us to get.


Why didn’t he just list the Germany 2014 team instead of coming up with that lol


Its not his ultimate 11 ability wise but character wise as he says in the beginning of the video.


It’s just a team of his mates.


Is it me or is Per morphing into a really handsome guy?


Arteta, Rosicky, Podolski.


Probably the team with the most unbelievable belief. I think Per has been in Wenger’s pocket for too long :mustafi:


Just noticed, no room for Theo. Was their friendship fake? :cry:

I feel deceived


That entire midfield would just about complete about 3 games in a season lol


You might be reading into this just a bit too much mate lol


Theo was decent but he’s no Frank Baumann.


He is a Werder and an Arsenal fan after all.