Per Mertesacker

Full name: Per Mertesacker

Date of birth 29 September 1984
Place of birth Hanover, West Germany
Height 1.98 m
Playing position Centre back

I’ve read Per is set to be named our new captain. :per:

[quote=“Calum, post:2, topic:105, full:true”]
I’ve read Per is set to be named our new captain.
[/quote]Was just about to say, isn’t he already our captain? Then remembered that Arteta was still officially the club captain. Even though he hardly featured the last 18 months lol.

Nonetheless, don’t mind Per carrying as club captain, in an official role. Though some would still rather see him gone ha.

Players and manager love Per. If he will be the captain, will be only a formality 'cause the shadow captain will be Lolo.

Great and funny guy, but he isn’t a leader.

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Can’t be our first choice if we are serious enough.
Well, we know Wenger… and Per is our captain, I believe he still will get major minutes this season.

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So again we’re going with a backup as Captain?

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Per will start most likely, won’t as a backup.
Gabriel never convinced us, don’t think he convinced Wenger either.

My mistake I had a moment of stupidity where I thought we might actually make a CB signing.


Think he is but not a very believable one.

This pretty much confirms we won’t be signing a top class CB.

Sincerly I don’t see who is the top class CB on the market. Do you have any name?

Why do we only have to set our sights on top top class? As always, we just need to improve a little bit at a few positions to get those few extra points each season. I think the question should be “who are the CB’s on the market better than Per Mertesacker?”

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I’m agree, but @InvincibleDB10 talks about top class CB and I don’t see any top class CB on the market.

If you think Mertesacker can’t be improved on then I assume you think he is top class.
If you don’t, then why is he our captain, and starting CB?

A club like Arsenal should have a top player in every position, they don’t have to be world class but at least top four standard.

I would rate Kos as easily good enough for a top four club but certainly not Mertesacker.

Per will be named as captain of the team… so he will stick with us for a while…

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Some interesting quotes by our (soon to be) captain.

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Captains curse strikes again - Ruled out of pre-season with a knee injury!!

Not a fan of the BFG at this point, at least not as starter for us, but any further injuries or issues with depth at the start of the season is bad news. Not really confident at all with Gabby or Calum at CB - they both look mediocre at best so far. Hopefully this is just a precaution and he will be back in a couple of weeks in full training, etc.

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