Per Mertesacker


JFC…Holding is the replacement fuck me I hate you Wenger. And don’t come at me with Gabriel he’s a disaster on the level of squillaci.


Kike Marin has just said Mertesacker’s knee injury could keep him out for 5 months. Wouldn’t panic too soon, he’s quite often whoring for RT’s, but if true CB moves to the top of the list for sure in my mind.


I hope about a minor injury. We will remain in USA for only one week, not a month, this tour isn’t connected with his injury.


Good. We have started the season in our usual manner.


It’s seems like the only way we get this mediocrity out of this club is if they get injured and want to leave. Like Arteta.


Rumour going around he’s out for around five months.

Would be a blessing tbh.


Disgustin post :santi:


5 months. Fucking hell.

Looks like we will be throwing Koscielny into the Liverpool game without a pre season or we start Gabriel and Chambers. As we ain’t signing no CB! #TheArsenalWay


No way


Pfft…Monreal & Debuchy as CB then.


What @Burgundy said.

CB would move to number one priority if true.


At least the injury wont affect his pace


Now we have to be in the market and try to deal for two players at the same time???!!! A bridge too far I’m afraid.


Hello darkness, my old friend


Won’t make a bit of difference, Welbeck’s practically dead and it’s done nothing to affect our urgency in the market.


At least Chambers or Holding gets minutes this way. Which they otherwise wouldn’t.


I’m what Wenger has made me.

Vile and forged by darkness.



Disgusting post from a disgusting fan if you try to justify the hope about a serious injury.



I’m with you Maxi these people are sickening. It’s a reason most other fans think Arsenal supporters are the biggest joke. No class.


No fans have class. Who gives a fuck what other fans think.

But yea the injury is bad news no matter what and its not nice to see it “celebrated” (for want of a better word.