Per Mertesacker


Genuine question, did they say that?


Ozil never said German national team was/were/are racist.

Rest of the world is on and on about it.


Honestly I don’t know haha I can’t remember Ozil or Gundogans exact statements

I think Trion is right when it might be everyone other than ozil calling them racist. Oops my bad :man_facepalming:


Per Mertesacker is auctioning off a signed Arsenal shirt with us for charity on The entire proceeds will go straight, without any deducted costs, to a German charity supporting children in difficult life situations.

If this post is not okay here, please let uns know. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nice article on Per and his work abroad – he’s set up a football programme for children in a refugee camp in Jordan.

Seems like he is doing really good work. I like this guy a lot.