Per Mertesacker


Very fair. thanks for educating me. Guardiolas #2 is huge tbh.


I also feel like, of the types of players that tend to convert best to managers, it’s usually the organising central midfielders, 6/8 types, as with Guardiola and Conte, or versatile types who played a number of different roles, like Luis Enrique (and Conte as well). Both descriptions fit Arteta, as not only was he versatile in terms of adapting to a number of different leagues and tactical styles, but also positions (played on the wing, played as a #10, played as an 8, and played as a 6).

All of this could mean nothing, because in the end whether you’re a top manager or not is basically just down to who you are as a person and playing experience really isn’t that important, but if I were a betting man and based on what I can deduce/have seen from Arteta as a person I would be betting on him.


You know what when it comes to manager perception I truely just havent got a clue.

I automatically recognise the managers at top clubs, but there are probably far better managers in lesser leagues/teams, and equally i tend to rate managers of teams i like.

Good example is my adoration of Pulis at Crystal Palace. Couldnt stand him or credit him until he worked with them, and I only like them because of where I’m from.

Wenger is however the only manager ive taken time to truely follow, so make of that what you will.


Well in 9 months time he’ll be a PL winning coach :nerd_face:




Full video, proper good bloke is Per.


I’m pretty confidant per can come in and we will barely miss mustafi


Brilliant header from Big Per! His first goal in the PL in under 4 years :per:


When Per is making faces at the front page of the CNN :per:


Per is a legend but he really shouldn’t play for us again. Should be Holding or Chambers getting the minutes


Agreed, hate it when he steals their minutes, he’s ancient now, should just be a dressing room speaker


Yeah just hang up ze boots big man. Was a rock for us during his time here, his awareness and positioning was second to none. But now is the time to call it a day.


He is?


Like as of right now


Aah I see. Tbf not his fault Wenger picks him



4 - the number of minutes it takes him to turn around


Just like Wenger honestly should have gone out on a high winning the FA cup

This is just sad shit to see.


Such a liability now, yes he’s capable of getting away with it if properly protected but shouldn’t be near the team. Get him out there at Colney by all means but I do hope that’s the last we see of him in the 1st team.


Really interesting read.