Per Mertesacker


Such a down-to-earth guy. Love him!


I’m just glad we’re retaining the services of someone that so obviously has the respect of people around him and the best interests of our club at heart.


Maybe, as long as he has people below him that can handle those details and he properly trusts/delegates, just like AW does… oh wait…


I have faith. :slight_smile:






Allahu ackesacker


Nonsense. Vieira is blossoming into a pretty good manager.

And my hunch is he will succeed Arsene, with Thierry as his assistant.


What exactly about Arteta makes him qualified to lead Arsenal?

I like the guy but let’s face it, it would be a punt.


Lol! What a team! :smiley:


Based on his work at NYCFC? I really doubt Vieira has any interesting ideas about football or will make it as a top level manager. Vieira with Henry as his assistant sounds like a terrible management team, haha.

I didn’t say he was qualified to lead Arsenal. Yet. But of all the former players he’s the only one who I could see becoming a top manager.


Not van Bronckhorst then?, who’s actually won a national league title already :roll_eyes:


Fair play, but you certainly don’t think of Gio as one of ours, didn’t even consider him in this conversation/doubt anyone else did, so a bit of a sneaky play there in fairness Robincito. :kissing_heart:


Thing is we talk about Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira etc and yet you have Gio at the same age and he’s out performed the lot of them so far in their management careers.

If it comes to an ex-player being our future manager any time soon, van Bronckhorst >>>>>>>>>> the rest


Don’t argue semantics. Just answer the question


Say please first, bossy fucker.


Please. :blush:


Heh, subservient betch.


Well, fuck.


I posted something on the old forum on this which is why I’m a bit reluctant to rehash it, but:

a) A very rare mix of experience…came up in La Masia and played under a number of managers in a number of different leagues, adapting to each, a very promising mix of experience for a future manager as a player
b) Extremely intelligent and tactical astute player
c) Well spoken and intelligent person
d) Wouldn’t seem to be a Wenger yes man, ie would suggest he has his own ideas
e) Did his coaching badges really quickly and got a job as Guardiola’s #2 straight off, and now valuable experience under the best, bodes well