Per Mertesacker






Watch a lot of MMA and that’s up there with some of the bad cuts I’ve seen.


It looks really nasty!


If you ever meet Per, ask to shake his hand, not for a selfie… :smiley:

“That’s what I love, getting the tube, not getting any recognition, trying to be as normal as possible,” he says. “Sometimes you get a big Arsenal fan and they tell you they have a season ticket or want to have a chat, which is fine. Some want a selfie, but sometimes I just want to say: ‘Let’s just shake hands. It means more than a picture.’ But not a lot of guys ever think that way!”


anyone else hear someone saying “awww this is amazing” in the background right at the end of the video?


Thats a great read.

Metresacker to take over from Arsene when he eventually leaves? I wouldn’t be against it.


him taking over the youth side next season could hopefully be the first step for that


I’d be very much against it.

Even with the Youth team appointment despite it being universally well received by Arsenal fans, I’m not sure Mert is qualified to step into such as massive role tbh.


don’t know until you give him a try, could be a gamble that comes good if not then sack him and move on


I don’t think giving somebody with zero coaching/youth development experience is worth a try tbh. Mert just doesn’t compare to some like Andries Jonker who has extensive experience.

A club like Arsenal have the resources and reputation to hire the very best, there are better candidates out there for the role tbh, seems very novel idea to give such an important position to Mert. Does he even have his coaching badges?


Guardiola came was a youth manager wasn’t he?


Yeah I tend to agree with this… I do like the idea of keeping Per around in some capacity as he earns his badges (assistant or something) - I think he can offer a lot. But at the top you need proper trained coaches with an eye for development and talent. This has got to be priority now especially as the rich clubs have escalated the mega inflation for the mega-stars.


he would have had a few years managing the youth team by the time Wenger retires, that’s what he’s doing next season after he retires


He’ll probably be a pensioner himself by the time Wenger retires!


If we’re talking former players to replace Wenger, Arteta is the only one worth considering.


City snatched him up



Talk of Per taking over from Wenger is silly but his role as head of the academy is perfect imo. I’ve never thought of it as one of those roles where he will be spending massive time on the training pitch so I’m not sure whether he currently has his badges or not is the right way of looking at that appointment. More than aptitude/ability Per has a determination that I hope he can instil right throughout the youth set up. The badges will come in time too.