Per Mertesacker


Yeah, we need his experience.




guess he has one year left of playing then, hopefully he gets more game time this season and stays fit


Fucking awesome, that’s great news.

No doubt his mentality and professionalism will rub off on our youngsters. Good stuff.

Nice to see guys like Per and Jens working at Arsenal after their playing careers.

Wish we’d gotten Arteta and Vieira involved as well.


Posted a message on his facebook. Glad Kapitan is staying around The Arsenal. :per:

Dear fans and friends,

clear decisions were always very important to me. I felt like that after World Cup 2014 and I take such a decision now again. From autumn 2018 onwards I will be heading up the Arsenal Academy as the “Head of Academy”. Which means at the same time that the upcoming season will be my last one as a player.

I am delighted about this future challenge and job at the club who means so much to me. Pattensen, Hannover, Bremen, Arsenal London – these places and clubs formed me and made me the player and person I am today. It is important to me to pass on these experiences and values to young players in the future.

But for the next months my clear focus is to give everything as a player for the club. I am looking forward to the things lying ahead of us, short- mid- and longterm. #COYG



what a guy he is, love Per


Excellent news


I think that’s a super appointment. He oozes professionalism and will demand it from the youngsters under his charge too.


Fantastic news. The more professionals in and around the club like Jens and Per the better. Both great appointments.


Yup, heavy fines for anyone fucking about!


Nice, this would be the part on FM where it says X continues to surround himself with experience by appointing former internationals.

But in the case of Wenger they’d add that he won’t listen to a damn thing they say.


Great news! Per is the perfect man to teach young lads football.


I absolutely fucking love this guy, one of my favourite players of the past 5-10 years, fantastic that his stay at the club will outlast his playing career.


I think if we were to ever end up with and ex player as manager it’s a lot more likely to be a left feild one like per or Jens



Fuck legend.


Wholeheartedly agree mate! An ambassador for football as a whole, it would be an honour to have him represent us once his playing career ends.


An absolute model of professionalism, superb personality and all round great guy. A lot of Footballers could learn a thing or two from a man like him. I hope he gets the final season send off he deserves for his time he’s put into Arsenal.

Great as well we’ve been able to find a role for him within the club after he retires, is the icing on the cake :slight_smile:


:per: :heart:


Great to see someone retire with the club again as well.