Per Mertesacker


Bloody hero is old BFG. So glad we signed him and glad we’re looking like keeping him on afterwards.

We’ve got a BIG FUCKING GERMAN behind the scenes. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for everything, Skipper. :+1: (LOSING YET ANOTHER CAPTAIN! LOL)


I get the feeling since he won the World Cup three years ago, he’s probably felt like he conquered the mountain and after that started to slowly wound down his career. There was a period the season after where his perfrmances were not as consistent as usual, which some were suggesting was an after effect of feeling like he’s accomplished what he wanted out of Football. To his credit he stuck around a few more aeasons and remained a true professional throughout his time here.

If he calling it a day, then what a brilliant way to bow out of Football.



So I would say Legend is above Icon.

An icon to me would be someone who was a model professional, played well for us (trophies a bonus), and was an all around good guy.

Mertesacker Arteta Santi Sagna Clichy fit in that category for me.

Legend is Henry Bergkamp etc

Cult Hero would be Groves, Poldi and Eboue etc.


Hope it’s true, right decision to retire and frees up a squad place / resources.

Now keep him close to the club and let’s not throw away his value as an asset, that experience and knowhow. Start him on his badges but with a working role at Arsenal. Arteta was an unnecessary loss, don’t want to repeat that


Definitely a cult legend for me. His performance in the cup final cements his place as one aswell. That is the performance for me that I’ll always associate him with.

Wish him all the best if he does retire, it’s certainly a memorable final game for the club if so.


Retiring at the pick of his career! What a top guy! :per:


Cult hero definitely, legend a bit much.

What a swan song the FA Cup Final was for him if he’s to retire. Hope he sticks around and teaches the likes of Rob Holding a thing or two.

On another note, I have no faith in our ability to replace him. So for selfish reasons, hope he decides to play one more year.


Per is one of those players that when you say he was a great servant to the club you absolutely mean it and aren’t just being respectful of someone’s career.


It’s got to be hard to retire after a moment like that. The adrenaline rush of winning a title seems like it would be addicting. It would make me want to try again to win some silverware.


Maybe he truly knows his time has come, has has been out for a long time over a year his age he is getting slower to react and probably thinks another injury maybe even slight will just do him totally so thinks ‘before i cause myself more rehab i will call it now.’ He probably also sees player like Holding coming in and Sead and thinks well holding is doing really well Sead is coming there is Chambers that could maybe do with a chance and thinks yeah now is the best time to say bye!


Sometimes though, every athlete has to know at some point in their career when is the right time to retire. It’s always better to go out on a high or when people remember you fondly. Carry on those extra few years and so often it can go horrbly downhill. I think this could be the right time for Per, even though it’s a shame as he’s still a very useful option for us imo.


replace Wenger as manager in 2 years


He’s only what 32 or 33 ? That’s very young for a defender to call it quits. Anyways Per what a final game if that is indeed.


He has done a Vieira.

Helped win us the FA Cup as captain, and then move on.

I think he realises he is only going to be fourth choice CB, and at his age, and having done what he has done, it’s probably best to leave on a high.


He will definitely be one of good ones.

Find this video of him hilarious

I hope he decked the cunt at the end. That look he goves him though :arteta:


What a way to go out. Trained all season just to play the game of his life. :+1:


I guess that’s Gabriel staying then :giroud: