Per Mertesacker


bit harsh calling Sanchez a beast


We will feel it if he goes Luke.
He’s got that never say die attitude that is lacking in a lot of our players.


Ironically we tried to get Cahill before going for Mertesacker.


Can we now finally stop bringing up pace as a reason not to think hes a great defender?


Should have been ignored years ago. Some of his best performances have been against forwards with pace.

The only time his lack of pace has been an issue is when we did ridiculous things like play a really high line.

Per is a top defenders. Had been a good servant to the club and I’ll stand by this - Kosh owes so much of his improvement to his partnership with Per.


We have always said his great tactical awareness makes up for his lack of pace, tbh.



What a fantastic way to retire if that is the case.

One last hurrah.


A certain manager could learn a thing or two from Per then…


Fair play Per.

Going out at the top.



Nice that’s very promising!

3 FA Cups for Per.

What kind of status does he have with us?

Cult, Icon, Legend?


Ah cool. Looks like we have our new director of football then :per:


He’s in and around Arteta status.


You can only congratulate him with the career he had I guess.

Thought he could still do a good job as 5th/6th choice here.


Rather keep him on with Kos, Mustafi, Holding and Chambers rather than the calamity that is Gabriel but fair play he may know his body can’t handle the rigours of the game any more.

He’s been a great servant, been a good stable partner by helping Kos settle into the defender he is today and played his part in many of the successes we’ve had recently.

I doff my hat to him.


Which is what?


Someone who is super awesome and will always be loved by me?



(Give me all the hateeee :wink:)



Icon a bridge too far, that’s probably Adams, Wrighty, Brady, George, Henry and Bergkamp. Perhaps Vieira too.

With the whole BFG thing he is 100% a cult hero, but players like Perry Groves are cult heroes and no disrespect to them, but Per has achieved too much in his career to solely sit in that category with his illustrious international career and three FA Cups.

So somewhere between cult hero and legend.

Cult legend. He deserves a new category to be made in his honour.

For what it’s worth I also put Mertesacker above Arteta when it comes to his status