Per Mertesacker


Just keep him for his presence.

Can’t like this more.


I came a little.


Beauty and the beast


Think we all put too much concern over his fitness, and not enough stock in his attitude and actual experience.

Ideally suited in a back 5 (weird as he’s never played in one before) with Monreal always available on the cover for the longer balls, and those giant legs connecting with everything that came his way in the box



I honestly thought this sentence was going to go someplace else. I hope your finger… probably just my dirty mind :see_no_evil:

Definitely seems like everyone was like like like last night. Too much excitement, some probably didn’t even read the things they were liking! But in the case of Per it is well deserved. Screw JT, Per is captain, leader, legend!


He played like a captain should, leading by example.
Exactly how Adams and Keown used to do.

Mertesacker, and the rest of the team, clearly wanted it more than Chelsea.

I don’t know what has happened in the last few games, but what ever it is, i wish we had played with such energy and commitment the rest of the season.




Once a donkey always a donkey Christo. He’ll never be good enough for top team, but he’s good enough for us. Says all we need to know about our team.


Well this ‘‘donkey’’ almost single handedly kept out the league champions after not playing for over a year.

More donkeys please


Ahhh I love you Len but I think you’re blinded by your own prejudice here.


Ah, I almost forgot…an important reminder from yesterday’s game: Mertesacker >>> Cahill



Let s just look forward to seeing more of him next season then MM.


I’ve nothing against German people Chris to. It is just that mert’s can’t jump and he’s sòoooo slow it is painful to watch…
Love Ozil… or should that be loved? Lol


I don’t think he was accusing of prejudice against Germans mate haha. He just meant your prejudice against Mertesacker individually


I do. They’re arrogant and don’t…


Haha I wasn’t saying you don’t like Germans :joy:

But even with mertesacker shortcomings surely you must appreciate how well he played yesterday and how those shortcomings can be mitigated in a defensive 3? I thought he was our best defender yesterday!


Lol definite brexit voter that len fella :grin:


My missus says I don’t even like myself jakey. Lol.

@Cristo. Some games are made for players like Merts Chris to, but I still think he isn’t good enough.

@Arsenal4thetreble. Definitely Brexit . But a bit worried now if it is going to be wobbly May negotiating out.
Those EU leaders will batter her will cost us billions and they wont let us leave.
I can see us having another referendum. Then they’ll make us sit in the cornet at meetings.