Per Mertesacker



Our Captain.

Hope the quotes are not true.


Meh the fella had anxiety issues at the highest level of his sport but battled through commendably.

Not exactly a damning indictment, if anything I think he done really well to hide the pressure he was under while on the pitch, not to mention he was a great servant to the club.


I even think he did very good for his overall career, club and as international. If you’re not a world class defender you can’t really do more than he has done.


The quotes are from the arseblog article just two posts above yours haha


Could he at least wait till he retires.


In fairness he basically is retired. Bar another crisis he isn’t playing again.


In a situation where we lose kosh, mustafi and holding.


Don’t forget the greek boy


Oh yeah; damn he may never start lol


You guys do realise this is Arsenal we are talking about.

We once had a situation where we had zero fit fullbacks on either side for couple of months.


Re: his ideas on the academy, extremely noble but this sounds like a potential disaster as an academy head for a top club that needs to compete at the highest level. Also his comments on injuries and how the majority are psychological which no one talks about…ok, maybe he’s expressing himself badly, and just wants to say injuries are much more affected by psychology than people realise, which is true, but the way he expressed it…well that’s just objectively not true and not the kind of comment or attitude that’s really befitting of an academy head who’s going to be working at the top level of the sport with experts in the sport and the modern realities of sport with the abundance of information and analytics available…

Maybe the academy head does less than I think, and the important decisions really come down to decision makers at the board level, at least I hope so.

Btw, I love Mertesacker, and think he could be a fine academy head after 4-5 years experience working in the sport (different than playing in it). But really not sure how he’s landed what I thought was–like I said, hoping this is the part where I’m missing something–such an important job at a top club with zero experience nor would it seem like very realistic ideas for helping the club (note: not society…top level football club’s don’t have the luxury to put society above their necessity to compete).



Off to place a tenner on Mertesacker to be our next manager.


Feel the urge to do the same but nah. We’ll get experience in.


Legend. Great video.


Lovely men, great servant to the club :slight_smile:


Legend for that fa cup final performance, he came in without playing a game that season and carried our defence


I’m glad he got to come on and have one last home hurrah

That first pic :ok_hand:


Completely forgot about him.

What a great career he has had & what a great servant he has been for Arsenal!

Glad he is still part of Arsenal but will miss him regardless.