Parma Calcio 1913


More dropped points today. 1-1 at home against Perugia. We would struggle to stay up in the third division, let alone fighting for promotion in Serie B. Need to change the manager as soon as possible.


Sounds familiar… :thinking:


Didn’t Parma spend loads of money in the summer? Because of the increase in money for Serie A teams? Should be winning the league :sunglasses:

Everyone is desperate for promotion/avoid relegation.


He is our Wenger. Playing a shitty 4-3-3 that clearly not works with these players.


We spent a lot in january as well. The problem lies with the manager.


It’s getting worse and worse. Completely outplayed and destroyed by the best team in the league. The worst thing is that our manager doesn’t want to resign and the club don’t want to sack him.


This could be a post from after next Sunday’s cup final aswell Luca :joy::cry:


Ahah yeah! :xhaka: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good lord, a shit draw at home against a side who refused to play from the start. We are not going to finish in the playoffs zone for sure.


We are such a mess that i can’t even enjoy a win after 1 draw and 1 defeat in the last 2 games. Typical crap performances from us, but thanks god Salernitana are far worse than us.


Oh… :neutral_face:




Last week’s game was postponed due to heavy snow, while we thrashed Pescara 4-1 today. Finally a dominating display from the first 'til the last minute.


Back to the losing way against Virtus Entella. This team are just too incostant to get promoted again. Better to establish us in the league and then try a promotion push in some years.

I was at the stadium :slight_smile:. Here’s some pictures:


I once went to see Lecce play and them photos bring back memories of that haha. How far was that stadium from Parma?


It’s in Chiavari, Liguria. Check for it. It’s a really nice place in Northwest Italy.


This team is like a roller coaster: one day we lose badly, then we win well the following week like it happened against Foggia 3-1 today. The result is the only good thing though, as once again, we played very crap.


Second win in a row for us. That’s typical from Parma: 2/3 good games, then a defeat, rinse and repeat.

We really need to finish as high as we can in the playoffs zone to have a small advantage when playing at the end of may/early in june.


Third win in a row, but we beat Palermo, probably the best team in the league along with Empoli, today so it was something different and more special. It was an amazing game. 3-0 up after 50 minutes, they pulled 2 goals back, but we still managed to win it in the end.
We are just 5 points behind the 2nd place with 9 games to go now. Who knows :smiley:


4th win in a row and now i believe we can get the 2nd spot, as we are just 2 points behind Palermo and Frosinone. What a turnaround in just 3 weeks, from losing to Entella to beat both Palermo and Frosinone in just 5 days! :smiley: