Parma Calcio 1913

I think it deserves its thread. After going bankrupt and getting promoted from the fourth tier last season, we are now in Lega Pro (the third tier). It’s gonna be a long and difficult season, as it’s a more difficult and balanced division, but i am optimistic. We bought well during the summer, with Calaiò being the icing on the cake. In fact he scored a beauty yesterday to give us the first win of the season.


This would be a really good FM challenge!


Calaiò’s goal yesterday :giroud2:


Calaiò was my favourite player when he was at Napoli. :heart_eyes:

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He still got it :ozil2:

Quality attendance for a 3rd division game, albeit you’d expect from a club risen from the ashes like Parma


We have about 9000/10000 people at Tardini in every game.

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When I think Parma, I think Sebastien Frey.

I think Prosciutto :grinning:

It makes me think of a mate of mine from college. He had an affinity with the club since he was really young from watching Football Italia (like I’m sure most of us nineties kids did), simply because his surname was Palmer.

Such a weird reason to support a team, but he took it fairly seriously, he’s been to a couple games since I’ve known him. It’s not even like he supports an English team and Parma are his second club, they’re the only team he supports lol.

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I loved him. Great keeper who should have had a better career.

Second away game of the season and second 0-0, albeit there was a legit goal for us that the referee didn’t see. We are really struggling away from home. There are two positive things though: our group is well-balanced and we haven’t conceded yet.

Speechless. We lost 2-1 a game we were winning until '89 after missing plenty of chances. Such a massive blow to us.

You should be used to that feeling Luca lol. [quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:13, topic:636”]

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Yeah! So Arsenal-esque!

What a win against Pordenone! Down 2-0 at 60’, we won 4-2 in the end. That’s just amazing!

Parma must be a thousand times bigger than most of those clubs, it’s ridiculous. Obviously some old skool names in there like Padova, Venezia, Reggiana.

Haven’t heard of most of them though, it must be like Parma (basically a Premier League equivalent in size) knocking around with a bunch of sides that get 1000 fans a game and wouldn’t be allowed into the National Conference (5th Level) in this country.

My team is going to be the fantastically named GUBBIO.

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I went to Mantova when both us and them played in Serie B in the 2008/2009 season. Quite a big stadium for a little club like them. Modena played in Serie B until last season and they were in Serie A in 2004 like Ancona. The rest yes, it’s very small.

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Second win in a row for us. We played very well and dominated the game, but we couldn’t kill the game off so we had to keep it tight until the end.

Hopefully Parma can get promoted again sooner rather than later as Ive always liked them.

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