Parma Calcio 1913


I remember when we beat them in the European Cup Winners final.
They had Zola, Brolin and Asprilla upfront and we scored and then sat back and defended for the rest of the match.

It’s hard to imagine how far they have fallen when they have had so many great players as well as great ,managers like Sacchi, Ancelotti and Scala.

It just shows how any club, no matter how big, can drop out of the top leagues because of financial problems.

We’ve seen it in the PL with clubs like Portsmouth and Leeds, who were spending more than they were earning and other big clubs like Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa who both won the league and European Cup but struggle to get out of the Championship.

Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to a great club like Chelsea :ozil2:


I registred to a site called Sportube yesterday where you can buy and watch all the games of your team for the whole season :ozil2:


Another comeback away from home. We did it twice against a side full of grit and passion. They looked to want it more than us. Our play was really shit. We just hoofed the ball all the time to our two CFs or just crossed and crossed it without any purprose.


My boys Gubbio looking strong there up in the play-off positions.


Do you really like Gubbio? :wilshere: :bellerin:


Gubbio is my team. Just hope they don’t get gubbed when they run into the big boys.


Yeah, but why? Did you go to Gubbio sometimes ago? They told me it is a nice city.


What a terrible crap game yesterday. We totally deserved to lose 2-1 against Feralpi Salò. And it could have been more. Even Pulis would be ashamed of our style of play that is only based on hoofing the ball.


Can’t believe the game i just watched! We won 5-3 after being 2-0 and 3-2 down. Once again, we played in a very poor way. We just hoofed the ball to our strikers and were all over the place at the back, We only won because Forlì are bottom of the table.


Second win in a row for us, but fuck me, we play worse than Pulis and Allardayce combined. We don’t press, we don’t play the ball on the ground and we defend like a crap. We just hoof the ball hoping for the best.


Another shit game, another win. We are basically playing like a shit version of a Mourinho’s team :smile:. The good thing is that we are only one point behind the top, but we have to step up immediately, as it’s impossible to keep it up with such a poor style of play.


Is that even fucking possible?!


Oh yeah, we are truly awful to watch. We just hoof the ball all the time.


Bet Messi couldn’t do it on a cold, Rainy Tuesday night at Parma. :wink:


:ozil2: We are “the italian Stoke” :wilshere:


We finally played quite well and got a good deserved win against a tough side like Gubbio. But once again, we had to conced first.


It didn’t last that long. No shot on target and a crap draw against Maceratese. If we had beaten them we would have gone top of the table. And today we face an in-form Padova.


Was never a penalty :sunglasses:

Forza Gubbio


Oh god! I knew it was a difficult game, but fuck me, we got thrashed 4-1 at home! What is funny is that we didn’t even play that bad. It’s just our goalie and CBs had a nightmare today.


Our head coach, technical director and sporting director was sacked yesterday. Our president resigned as well. Delio Rossi is favourite to replace Apolloni. I’d like Guidolin back though.