Parma Calcio 1913


Great! Second defeat in a row and if Venezia win today they will go 7 points above us at the top. It was another gutless performance, with two comical mistakes that gave Ancona the win.


Great turn out for the game.
Parma for me is Crespo, Zola and Asprilla. Then there was Brolin. Heh.
My mate is from Florence.
Mental footy fucker.
So. Forza Viola.

I wish that we had Batigol as a player. One of my favourites. He did us at Wembley in CL.
The worst tenner I ever spent.


We drew against Bassano after two losses in a row. Now we are 7 points behind the top. We need a miracle to get promoted automatically at this point.


[quote=“SEND-MONEY-NOW, post:42, topic:636, full:true”]
Great turn out for the game.
Parma for me is Crespo, Zola and Asprilla. Then there was Brolin. Heh.
My mate is from Florence.
Mental footy fucker.
So. Forza Viola.

I wish that we had Batigol as a player. One of my favourites. He did us at Wembley in CL.
The worst tenner I ever spent.
[/quote]I remember watching us in the European Cup Winners final against Parma, and they had Zoila, Asaprilla and Brolin, and thinking, is Brolin the fattest footballer in Europe.

But they did have some great players but we managed to beat them with some great defensive football.
Good old George Graham, his teams weren’t great to watch, but they knew how to defend a lead.

It was probably the only season where a team comprising only English players has one a European trophy.


It’s ironic we won our last european cup against them :wink:


Having friends from Piacenza ,Im not allowed to like Parma . In the main square in Piacenza there is a magnificent bronze man on a horse ,the artist was blinded after rumours he was going to do another like it in Parma . The roads in the mountainous bits of the region between the two provinces are very twisty and in bad decay however every time u cross from one to the other you see a new sign saying welcome to Parma or welcome to Piacenza the money they must waste on them is ridiculous !
Our friends family come from Bore,Castell Arquatro areas been there many times ,used to visit an Irish pub on the main road in Fidenza on the way top PArma !!


There isn’t a big rivalry between Parma and Piacenza. It’s more Parma vs. Reggio Emilia.


Im talking of the provinces/districts not the teams so much luca. its not intense but its there . parma is a tiny club that got bloated way beyond its level by parmalat . nice town though and love the ham .


What we won on the field was deserved. We didn’t cheat.


Never said u did luca ,Juve corrupted Italian football and took milan with them . Parma were bankrolled by parmalat like chelsea were bankrolled by the russian and when that money ran out it sent them into a downward spiral as u know because they had very few fans to support them . must be tough for supporters when that happens .


Fair enough. Tanzi was a crook, but what we won was deserved.


Luca have I shared on here my story of Parma in Copenhagen V Arsenal and the Phoenix Hotel ??? Its a cracker !


No, tell me. I am curious :slight_smile:


Can you tell it ala Ronnie Corbett?
Or is it a Max Bygraves yarn?


OK well as you can see from my OA pic I attended the Parma V Arsenal final in 1994 .
I visit Denmark regularly and I used to always stay in the Phoenix Hotel. I would be booked in by the Bosses of Denmarks largest Company Maersk and I always had the same room a small suite .
Arriving Monday I was on my way to my room when I met a Guy with a parma badge at the lift "Parma Tifosi ? Arsenal tifosi " says I and I gestured to him for a badge swap .
He looked like he was going to have a heart attack but after some feeble attemtps at discourse we agree to meet downstairs in 20 mins .
Upon returning this man was sitting there with another gentleman dressed in a parma tracksuit who could speak English.
I say hello but all was not well with these two , the tracksuit tells me that the person im sitting with is the commercial director of Parma and he doesnt understand why Im in the hotel because they have booked EVREY room in the place bar 1 room which they couldnt get hold of .
They think im employed by Arsenal and sent to cause mischief in the Hotel.
I get the mans card and I gave hiom mine and explain that Maersk booked it and I stay there regularly and they could check with the management that that was true .
They did check and seemed a little more relaxed but they then begged me not to make noise tuesday night as i was on a floor weith players , I agreed . For this they gave me a parma holdall stuffed with ties n badges n pennants home and away kits and a bag of badges ! sweet !

So coem tuesday I get in about 0200 hrs and as I have my last piss i can here laughing and giggling from next door . Theres at least 2 woman in there and a man whose talking in very animated spanish whilst dancing to latin beats !
Laughing i go to sleep !
The day of reckoning arrives and for Asprilla (for indeed it was he ) it was a day when he found the close contact of stephen bould hard to resist !
We win and back to the Hotel I go for a shower and change and again I see all the players in the lounge looking in shock .
As I go downstairs and head into the night a small blonde figure of a boy approached me and asked politely if I knew the wat to Absolon a famous night spot . I told him i would happily take him down there …his name yea u guessed Thomas Brolin !



It started off as a gay menage a trois.
It ended as a uncle/nephew Initiation?
Were there any gimp suits included in the club paraphernalia?



What a story! Ahahahha!


Sorry for posting about leaving my bedsit and going to a football match,something you will never do !


Sorry, but it was tongue in cheek.
I’m not use to using the emoticons.
Apologies for any offence. Not intended


No worries I dont take myself seriously either but sharp retorts are an essential part of my online persona of grumpy old git with attitude and must be preserved !