Parma Calcio 1913


No problem mate. I Like people talking about their past experiences :wink:


Ok il finish the Parma story . So me and Thomas Brolin go walking down the pedestrian street in Copenhagen with some other pals and we get ambushed by some very drunk puffin eaters from the Icelandic Arsenal supporters club which has 50 guys in a nearbye restaurent . They want some english guys to teach them Arsenal songs , I cant resist so me and a Pal wave goodbye to Thomas Brolin who gets taken to absolon with others whilst 2 of us go eat some herring drink some aquavit b4 standing on the tables and reciting some songs for them ,they filmed the whole thing It was on you tube for a while but I havent seen it for some time . We drag ourselves away from the Icelandics and across to absolon where faxe jensen is hobbling round on crutches but still gets up on the stage and sings “we beat the scum 2-1” brolin is on the same table and getting stuck into the beers with gusto . A pal approaches me and says ive just found a wallet on the floor and its full of money ,lucky u i say but then he shows me the credit cards and its faxe jensens wallet and its crammed full of 500 kroner notes ,faxe is still on stage . I told him to put 2 x 500 kroners back in the wallet put it on the tabel and order as much champagne as the “wad” will buy. The management cut us a good deal cos we tell them that its faxe buying and the next thing u know moet chandon bottles are popping . Faxe comes back sees most of his money gone and people toasting him ,he realises whats happened ,laughs and opens the bottle on his table like a formula 1 car driver spraying shampoo everywhere ! It was one of the best parties away from home Ive ever been on !


Back to the winning way thanks to a tight win against Sudtirol. The game was very poor overall, but i am used to it this season. Just get as many points as you can.


what sort of crowds do they get luca ??


In Parma?




When we were in the fourth division last season we had more than 10.000 subscriber members, much more than when we were in Serie A. We have usually a 15000 attendance per game overall.


Not good, absolutely not good enough. A crap draw against a struggling Teramo that leaves us way off the top. We need to invest heavily in january to turn it around and try to win the league.


At least Parma beat Reggiana in the Derby dell’Enza! It has eased my horrible week a little bit. Fantastic performance by everyone. Passion, grit, determination and some nice football :slight_smile:


Second win in a row and 11 points in the last 5 games. We are only 3 points behind the top now. D’Aversa has really changes us since he was appointed as manager.


A couple of good signings in january and we should be ok.


3 win in a row, 14 points in the last 6 games. We have really stepped up under D’Aversa. He reminds me of Conte for the way he prepares the games.


4 win in a row and top of the league! I watched us live today and albeit it wasn’t a great game, Santarcangelo were barely dangerous. The first game after the break is always tricky though.


I’m fuming! We threw away a 2-0 lead against Venezia that would have sent us top joint with them. The referee was the italian Dean though. He did everything he could to help Inzaghi’s team.



What a great deadline it has been for us! We got rid of all our deadwood and we replaced them with all players from Serie B.


Whatt a game! 2-1 down until 1 minute to go, we won it in injury time. Fergie would have been proud of us :coq:. But we really need to start better. You see that when we play at our best we are the best team in the league.


When you don’t play well you just have to grind out results. We did it against Albinoleffe yesterday. Still 3 points behind the top.


After Pordenone, we came back from 2 goals behind to win it 4-2 in the end against Sambenedettese yesterday! We aren’t really a boring team! :coq: Still 3 points behind Venezia. It’s really tight.


Christ! My heart can’t take an away game anymore. We struggled so much when we don’t play at home. I’m just glad for the 3 points, as it keeps in touch with Venezia who seem to go on a long winning streak. The bad news is that we have two more injuries: Frattali and Munari.