Parma Calcio 1913


Current league table and Gubbio status update needed, por favori signore :+1:


I am gonna post the table later :wink:




That’s it. After some shaky wins, we had to draw a game. You could see it coming by the way we were playing in the last games and today. Now it takes a miracle to win the league.


Casting a quick glance over that league table, you’re not quite in miracle needing territory just yet are you?!

Bless your drama queen antics :sunglasses: are you sure you’re not a woman? :wink:


5 points behind, with head-to-head to favour Venezia is quite a big task, tbh.


You’re quite right, it’s over. Better luck next season


Still the playoffs though.


Calaiò and D’Aversa banned for 2 games after the row at the end of yesterday’s game. We are truly fucked.


Second draw in a row, while Venezia win. Now we are 7 points behind them. We can safely say it is over. We have collapsed at the worst time, but it was really impossible to keep it up with Inzaghi’s team.


1-0 defeat at home against Fano and that’s it for out automatic promotion hope. The funny thing is that we played well compared with the last games.


We seem to have regained form recently by beating Gubbio and Maceratese. I do really like our front 3. They have pace, goals and creativity. Now big game against Padova.


We beat Padova playing really well, probably the best game of the season. Unfortunately, we have picked up form too late to catch Venezia.


Gubbio looking good for the playoffs


Yeah, but it’s us who need to go up, not Gubbio :wink:


@Gio, here we go again. We are fucked again, lol!


One or two days before the game, I heard something about this story because many people (football and bet fans or not) of my hamlet have betted the result against Parma.

I thought of a prediction from same experts about betting, but not match fixing.


Hopefully it was just someone trying to make a name for himself and not match fixing. It would be another kick in the nuts after what happened 2 years ago.


Second defeat in a row against Bassano. Now we even run the risk of not finishing second :xhaka:


3 defeats in a row. Not even Arsenal collapse in this way. We go into the playoffs in a terrible form.