Parma Calcio 1913


I have always posted about Parma, tbh :wink:


We are top of the league after thrashing Ascoli 4-0. What a turnaround in the last month!


You can get promoted and do a Benevento :grin:


So funny :xhaka:


Expected us to lose against Carpi last saturday. We are just too incostant. Still in a very good position though


What a bizarre league! Not only we are back to the winning way, but we are also top of the league on GD :D. If we bought a proper striker in january we could really get promoted.



I knew we would have not won today. We are just too incostant to open a gap at the top. We are lucky the rest of the league isn’t that better.
Need to invest big money in january to buy a proper CF because we struggle to score goals.


So 3 draws in a row. We are still there, just 4 points behind the top, but if we don’t get a proper striker in january we are fucked.


Do you want Theo Walcott? He is top class.


I knew you would have made this joke :hipster:. No, thanks :smile:


4 draws in a row now. We lacked the cutting edge once again. If we don’t buy a striker in january we can say goodbye to Serie A.


After 4 draws in a row (3 0-0), we lost last week against Cremonese. The most worrying things are that we failed to score again and that we don’t create enough chances to score. We should stop buying AMs/wingers. We badly need a top CF, instead.


Isn’t Cassano available? I mean, he has to be worth a punt


Thats some rebrand you’ve done there SRCJJ! hah


Haha, I’ve been watching bodybuilding videos a lot the last couple days and decided Scott Steiner had the best physique of any wrestler ever lol. Then I started watching old WCW videos and before I know it I’ve said goodbye to R9 for a bit.

Olivier Giroud

Lol big poppa pump.


The big bad booty daddy


He is finished, tbh. Don’t want him.


Finally a win after 5 games. Easy 3-0 at home against Novara. Still need to improve our style of play though.


Here we go again. 2-1 defeat away against Brescia. This team are fucking soft mentally and even physically. We aren’t capable of playing the whole game with intensity and speed.