Parma Calcio 1913


Yes! What a debut for us in Serie B! 1-0 win against Cremonese thanks to Calaiò.


2 out 2! Another 1-0 against Novara this time. After a good first half we completely disappeared in the second half. But it’s only the second game of the season so it is normal not to play that well.


Well, first defeat of the season. While we didn’t deserve to win last week, we fully deserved the 3 points today. It can happen, nothing is lost.


Second defeat in a row. A bad hammering against Perugia away. The things are not looking good atm. We do really struggle to create chances and score.


It’s over. Good luck in Serie C next season :wink:


Why does a Gubbio fan hate Parma? :mustafi:

We are not getting relegated though. Middle table is more likely.


3 defeats in a row. It’s getting worse and worse :xhaka:


Wow! We won against Venezia thanks to a header from a corner. Still played crap though.


How comes you lost and then won in the same day? :woman_shrugging:t2:


We lost on tuesday and won today. I was late with my updates :wink:


So two draws in the last 2 games. Both were utter turd. We can’t really score from open on play, only from set pieces.

We are lucky it is a very balanced league, as we are just 3 points behind the top.


Not a great period for us. We lost against Pescara last week.
What is worrying is that we can’t score from open play.


Back to the winning way after almost one month. We even scored 2 goals from open play (one was from Insigne’s brother).


We have turned a corner! 3 wins in a row and Insigne’s brother Roberto is showing all his class.


After losing against one of the strongest teams in the league last week, we are back to the winning way against Cittadella. 2-1 FT for us in a game where we should have won by 3/4 goals.


Jiang Lizhang is our new president. He will own 60% of Parma, with the remaining 30% to “Nuovo Inizio” (a company formed by Parma entrepreneurs) and 10% to “Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche” (popular shareholding).
He also owns Granada and Minnesota Timberwolves.

His main business involves football tv rights.


No islam o parma? That’s not nice man.


When I saw you’d posted in here, I thought you were taking the similar avatar thing to the next level and watching Parma :grin:


I think it’s time for you to start ParmaCalcioFanTV Luca. You’ve got at least one guaranteed viewer in Phoe.


Eh? What? Farage!