Parma Calcio 1913


4 points in the last 2 games and now we are just 2 points behind the 2nd spot. What a comeback from us in the last 2 months!


Yes! Another hard-fought win and we are 2nd again until monday when Frosinone face Empoli. The main problem now is that we are having too many injuries so i don’t know if we can resist until the end.


Just when everything was going well we cocked up in style against the bottom team in the league :facepalm: . Thanks god Palermo and Frosinone lose as well so nothing has changed. It’s gonna a battle until the end.


Strong response from us today at home against Ternana. 2-0 win and we keep the 2nd place. Only 3 games for the dream.


Completely collapsed when it mattered most. Leading 1-0 against Cesena, with just 4 minutes to go we lost 2-1 and now we are down to 4th. It’s gonna take a miracle to finish 2nd now.

This team is so weak mentally.


Big win for the playoffs against Bari at home. We got a bit lucky, but i don’t complain too much, as we were unlucky last week.

We still have a small chance to finish 2nd though, but i can’t see Frosinone drawing at home on the last day.


Yessssssssss! Serie A! 3 promotions in a row! Speechless!


Yeah just saw that. Is it back to back promotions?

Don’t do a Benevento :wink:


3 promotions in a row!


Now Luca’s team can finally lose to Juventus in the flesh.

What a treat.


Always funny, eh? :smile:


I love how Luca’s mood changed from February to now lol

You’d think they were getting relegated to actually achieving promotion.


Well, we were 10 points behind the 2nd spot 2 months ago. It was impossible to believe to get promoted.


So glad you snuck in. Couldn’t have dealt with having to follow Frosinone’s results for another year. Hopefully they don’t make it through the play-offs.


Ahahah! :smile:


@Luca_from_Italy you’ll like this


Great reading, albeit no one in Parma likes Malesani. Should have won the title with the likes for Buffon, Cannavaro, Sensini, Thuram, Veron, Chiesa e Crespo.


Chiesa was the ultimate boss on Ultimate Soccer Manager 98.

Yes, I was one of “those cunts” even in 98.


Italian football lul


Surely Gigi has to go back for one more Serie A season with Parma?!