Ozil or Emery?


IF you had to choose between the two

  • Ozil IN, Emery OUT
  • Emery IN, Ozil OUT

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Is this seriously a thing?

But Ozil out :henry2:


Give Emery a chance to build his team and implement his system.


It is a bizarro, horrible situation, but I don’t think you can have a player decide the fate of the club… for whatever reason, things aren’t working out. I might not agree with Emery on this (or at least how it has been handled), but I also appreciate that sometimes supremely talented individuals don’t fit into your vision as a leader, so you are doing the right thing to act on that rather than let it fester endlessly.

Problem right now is simply the scarcity of quality and talent in the team, and with Ramsey and Ozil on the way out, that is just more of a hole, rightly or wrongly… on top of that, we have a pile of mediocre players, a few where the jury is still out, and some promising younger ones… and then a few aging vets… it really is a bad kind of perfect storm of squad situation atm.

It is going to take 3-4 transfer windows and some growth in a few key youngsters to work our way out of this, especially with our spending model.

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Despite everything i’d be more than happy to sacrifice Ozil for the greater good, if I felt the managers style of play would be worth it.

Emeryball is not worth that imo.


I can see both sides of the argument tbh.

I want to get behind Emery but I’m distrustful of a manager who fails to facilitate Ozil’s talent in favour of inferior options.


I’ve re-done the poll. May have to vote again


If Ozil was replaced with someone of similar quality then I would back Emery.
But if Ozil goes, it will mean we won’t have a genuine world class player at the club, and what message does that send to supporters?

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Same one or similar you’ve been sending since 2006/7 tbh


Ozil on top wak wages but he isn’t justifying it on the pitch goes missing far to often an never turns up for the big games. If he was turning up week after week with assists an goals I back him to stay but I rather we got shot an replacing with hard working players who turns up for the big games.


A manager should unite the team and get the most of the resources he’s getting. Freezing out our best player who has said he’s seeing his contract out isn’t doing that. We’re playing worse no and need Ozil but no Emery persists with Kolasinac as his playmaker.

Emery Out


It will be much easier to replace Emery than it will be to replace Ozil. The question pretty much answers itself.

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Got to back the manager here even though I don’t agree


Emery for sure. Hopefully we can replace Ozio well.


The way I look at the question is Ozil in over not only Emery but any Arsenal manager who won’t mollycoddle him the way Wenger did, so for that reason


This aint even up for debate. This needs to become Emerys team and whatever he decides to do in this 3 year period I will support.


This is exactly how I feel.

I want to get behind him, but the whole Ă–zil situation is negligence, one of our highest paid and best creative players frozen out for whatever reasons.

The other reason again as stated above is the lack of confidence in a like for like player coming in to replace Ă–zil.

The upheaval that this is also bringing in recent weeks is daft too, so we lose both Mislintat and Ă–zil to Emery.

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Everyone is talking about having one or the other we probably can have both it just means that mail has gotta work harder. If he ain’t capable of doing that then he can leave because you cannot command 350k a week and just jog around like a twat you need to show some desire for those wages and I feel that is all that Emery wants but he seems incapable of doing it…just doesn’t seem into his football much anymore.

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Emery In, Ă–zil Out unquestionably.

As per usual we don’t know what’s going on inside the club, but it’s clear Özil isn’t favoured and at £350k a week should be cut from the wage bill at the first given opportunity. No reflection on Özil’s ability but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen here for him anymore and someone’s paying him far too much money for what we’re getting out of it, so he needs to go. He’ll dig in tho of course, why wouldn’t you in his position. No blame from me.


Originally I don’t want to vote, because it is not A or B… why can’t co-exist or both gone?

After I read yours, I kind of agree that, it is more easier to replace Emery than Ozil.
So, I vote Ozil stay, Emery out.