Ozark (Spoilers)

Ben’s a little bitch and he deserved to die.



You fucking pecker.


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Episode 9 of Ozark now

Ben is a fucking retard, Jesus Christ what a fucking idiot.

Mental health issues or not

Wendy just needs to Of Mice and Men him

(Amazing actor though, fuck!)

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You heartless bastard!


I’m waiting for @Cristo to have slept on his original opinion and say how sorry he is about what he said about Ben.


I’m with @Cristo

Ben is a numpty. Pointless character

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Haha well I actually think Wendy did the right thing, though I do think she should have done it herself. Ditching him like that was cowardly.

If Ozark goes on for 7 seasons, we won’t even remember Ben. A footnote. Meaningless footnote

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Speak for yourself chum. #benforever :heart: :heart:


I hope Darlene pays you a visit, Frank Cosgrove Jr. style.




Your inability to use spoiler tags is infuriating haha, because I can’t properly discuss this with you for fear of spoilering people.

All I’ll say is look at Ruth, her allegiances and state of mind at the start of the season, and her allegiances and state of mind at the end of the season. The reason that radical shift is believable is because of what happened throughout the series with Ben. It took a series of events like that to sway her from the fierce loyalty she had for Marty, Ben was absolutely key to that. What happened with Ben also appears to have massively changed Jonah.

Both Jonah and Ruth’s Ben-affected states of mind have been teed up as being important features of the next series (Ruth particularly), so I can’t see how anyone could say Ben is pointless. There are also other key ways in which he helped to move the plot along as well, that I won’t go into without spoiler tags.


I got sucked in and ended up contributing to that, apologies.

No need to stay away, we’ll knock the Ozark related chat on the head for the mo. You passive aggressive lil bitch.

I’ve always felt that no spoiler tags is basically OK if you’re in a thread titled “Ozark”, then people can stay the fuck out if they aren’t up to date,and it’s kinda their fault if they click into the thread.

But this is a generic tv/film thread, so people should give more thought to others who maybe haven’t seen stuff yet.

If anyone wants to discuss Ozark then create a thread and @ me please!



That’s not very nice, I know I’m a pessimist at times but I think that’s a tad harsh :joy::rage:.

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I don’t want any spoilers please, but I’ve just started season 3 and it’s fucking doing my head in. Please someone tell me it gets better?

I fucking loved the ending…the last two episodes really.

Can someone remind me how to do spoilers?

[ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]

WIthout the spaces. But you can just type Ozark spoilers in this thread as there’s a warning on it.